Dream Break code Reading notes of the third

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Software is a lot of trouble. And we cannot and do not want to turn off the computer count. The software that brings us frustration and restraint also lures us with more features, faster and better work and lifestyle. There is no way back.
Our need for software is much more than hatred of it.
So we dream of getting newer and better things. Frederick Brooks, a Friedrick Brucks expert in the field of modern software research, wrote a famous paper titled "No Silver Bullet Bullet" in 1987. In his paper, Brooks says, no matter how frustrating we are to write computer programs, we can never find a magical breakthrough-we only expect to move forward. Brooks's argument is hard to argue, but it's hard to accept; When you attend a computer industry meeting or browse a programmer's website, you'll always meet someone who insists it's wrong.

Some people dream of blowing up the whole building of software today, for something entirely new. Some are looking for programmers who are less stubborn and more responsive to human desires and behavior, hoping for a Beck, lingering software and looking for code that can be relied upon.
The dream is sent, and the gate of hell is in this hole.

Dream Break code Reading notes of the third

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