Dreamhouse Project (Smart Home Based on ARM and ZigBee technology)

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This is my own Smart Home project. It is only used to participate in competitions! Or I used it to train my hands! It took me about two months to complete his work. The platform was built on the embedded box of botron S3C2410, I think the only thing I don't have the confidence to say that the code I wrote is the driver part. After all, the status at that time was just learning all the MCU knowledge, because this is the basic foundation, for the C language, students in school are generally not fully mastered, and the development of real knowledge reserves is indeed not enough! Okay, I don't have to talk about it anymore. Let's talk about my own projects first! Students should not spray me on their hands-training projects!


I did not make the general module myself, but the circuit diagram below has all been done, using ZigBee technology! I will contribute all the circuit schematics I have drawn later, but I will not contribute the PCB! After all, it is my true crystallization! Not convenient to disclose!

I am a WP client!

The following is a complete set of things I have made: Very rough!

After all, I did it myself! As for the corresponding functions, I will explain them in the next blog!

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