Dreamweaver 4 Concise Tutorial (eight, add interactive effect to the Web page)

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dreamweaver| Tutorial | Page Eight, add interactive effect to the Web page

   Make a simple interactive effect

On the Web page often see such an effect, when the mouse moved to a picture, the original picture on the switch to another picture, the mouse moved away, and restore the original appearance, is how to do it? At the opening, one of the areas where Dreamweaver is better than FrontPage is that Dreamweaver can make interactive Web pages. Now, we use Dreamweaver to make this simplest interactive effect--transform the picture.

Prepare two pictures of the same size, one is the mouse has not moved on the state, the other is the mouse to move up after the picture, such as the following two figure, the left is a raised button, the right picture is a sunken button:

Click on the object panel to see the following dialog box:

   ① image name: The name of the tag that transforms the effect of the picture, Dreamweaver is automatically assigned;

   ② Original Image: Specifies the original picture (for example, this is a raised figure)

   ③ Rollover Image: Specifies the picture after the mouse is moved (for example, this is a sunken figure);

   ④ URL: Picture of the link url;

For example, when you have finished setting up the image above, press OK, and then press F12 to preview the effect.

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