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Dreamweaver section II

I do not know if you have used this station's message is not, when you write the message to confirm, immediately pop-up a thank message box, is it very considerate? That's the topic I'm talking about today.-popup Message (Pop-up messages box)

I. Understanding the Popup mesage edit window

Press F8 in the DW edit box to pull up the Behaviors panel, click the popup message to immediately appear the following window:

This is not too easy without too much speech, fill in the blanks with the message you want to prompt fill in the ok!

Two. The common application of Popup message (i.e. example)

Before I talk about the paradigm, I'll start with a few things to use (events):

This event is triggered when the specified object in the Onclik Web page is clicked. Note: The Zuojian of the mouse, the right health can be.

When a specified object in a OnDblClick Web page is double-clicked, the event is triggered, as is the left and right side of the mouse.

This event is triggered when Oncopy copy objects in a Web page.

Onbeforcut before the Page object is cut, the event is triggered.

Onbeforcopy to a Web page object before it is copied, the event is triggered.

The first example of this action (actions): Click on an Object pop-up message box. For example, click on pictures, buttons, links, and so on, can be pop-up message box, I will talk about click on the button pop-up message box, to fix this one else on the same. Here are the steps:

1. Click on the button object with your mouse, such as your submit button or rewrite button.

2. Press F8 (or window/behaviors) to pull up the behaviors panel and click the popup message.

3. Fill in the blanks in the popup message edit box to the information you want to post, click OK.

4. In the Behaviors Panel display area, select the popup message action and click on the left side of a small triangle, select the OnClick event, completed.

5. In one step, this onclick event can be replaced by a ondblclick event or other event.

If the contents of some pages want to give a hint before others copy, you can choose Oncopy event to trigger the popup message action, this is the second example of this action, very simple to achieve this effect, you only need to change the previous example of the event to Oncopy. I want to emphasize that this special effect is when browsing with the mouse to select some objects, click on the right of the "copy" command to be triggered (message box pops up two times), with the keyboard Ctrl + C command can not trigger this event. So the chances of this event being triggered are less, with the Onbeforcopy event or the Onbeforecopy event, you can trigger the action before the right health menu appears when you click the right mouse button.

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