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Dreamweaver when browsing a free homepage, often pop-up a small window, which put some ads or surveys and so on, it is easy to attract attention, this is often the service provider forced, people under the eaves have to bow! Sometimes some of the content of the page is not too much, to make it a relatively small window this is still very popular (the Ant union on a large number of use of this technology), we can DIY such a window, this is the content of this section--open Browser Windows (custom browser window)

I. Understanding the Open Browser window editing windows

Press F8 in the DW edit box to pull out the Behaviors panel, click the Open Browser window immediately appear the following windows:

Rul to display: In the custom window to show the path of the file, click Browse ... button to select the path.

Window Width,window Height: The width and height of the custom window, respectively, in PIX.

Attributes (Window properties), customize the interface of your new window.

Navigation Toolbar: navigation toolbar; Location Toolbar: Address bar, status bar: status bar; menu bar: menu; Scrollbars as Needed: scroll bar; Resize Handles: Window size is variable.

Window Name: The name of your custom Windows

Two. Open Browser window Common applications

Before I talk about the paradigm, I'll start with a few things to use (events):

Onload: The event is triggered when the specified object (Web page, picture, flash plugin, etc.) begins to load in the browser.

OnUnload: Event triggers when the user leaves the current page.

The first application in this section: Open a page out of a custom small window.

1. Click the blank of the page with the mouse and press F8 to pull out the Behaviors panel, click the Open Browser Window, and come out the edit box shown above.

2. Click Browser ... button to select the file you want to display.

3.Window width and window height are filled into the width and height of your custom window.

4. To fill in the attribute (attributes) options, which can be seen can see, according to specific needs to choose the appropriate parameters. These parameters are not filled in.

5. In Windows Name: Fill in your window name, click OK.

6. If the events in the display area of the Behaviors edit window are not onload, you open Browser window action and click on the left side of a small triangle, select the OnLoad event, this example completed.

Note: The first step of the mouse must click on the blank page, can not be a blank space or other objects in the table, otherwise in the 6th step when there is no OnLoad event selection, you can change the OnLoad event to onunload events, exit the current page pop-up custom window, You can put an ad in this window (make a bit of advertising money), so there should be no resentment.

The second application of this section: Click on a link to come out of a custom small window

1. First select the type object and make an empty link.

2. Click the text link object with the mouse, and then add the Open Browser window behavior according to the first application method. Change the events in the 6th step to onclick

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