Dreamweaver CS6 Installation Detailed graphics and text tutorial

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Dreamweaver This powerful WYSIWYG web editor is believed to be useful, CS6 this new version adds support for HTML5, CSS, and Jqurey, as well as some other enhancements. However, the proposed novice is not necessary under this version, after all, this version of the function of the people just contact DW is not very useful, with CS5 enough.

Green Resource Network for everyone to create a detailed installation of Dreamweaver CS6 graphics and text tutorials, hoping to help the need for friends.

First we need to register an Adobe account that needs to be used during the installation process.

Dreamweaver CS6 official Chinese version cracked patch: http://www.downcc.com/soft/info/14253.html

Installation steps:

1, first we need to download Dreamweaver CS6 official Chinese original installation program, download after the direct click of the compression package program to the specified folder, as shown in the following picture:

2, after the decompression will automatically start the installation program, in this process may appear in the picture below the frame, click Ignore.

3, the next we began to install, here we first select a trial, and then explain how to crack the program later.

4. Accept the License Agreement

5. After accepting the license agreement, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 will ask to login to your Adobe account to register the trial with your account, if you have already logged in to the Adobe account and click Next.

6, login operation completed after entering the installation content interface, because the small series of the system is 32, the following figure is only one installation option, if the 64-bit system friends will have 32-bit and 64-bit two installation content, can choose to install can also install only one.

7, waiting for the installation to complete, this process about 5-10 minutes.

8, the program installation finished, click Start immediately to see if the program is complete, and then close the program

Crack method:

Next we have to crack the program, download the above given Dreamweaver cs6 cracked patches, downloaded after the compression package has 32 and 642 folders respectively representing 32-bit program and 64-bit program patch, select the appropriate system for their own patches.

Open the Dreamweaver cs6 installation folder to overwrite files in the program installation folder for files in the cracked patches folder that are appropriate for your system

Then open the program found that the program no longer prompts the need to register for activation, to this Dreamweaver CS6 installation cracked finished!

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