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Web pages often have some sort of refreshing effect like animations, such as scrolling, hundred-page windows, and so on. Such a Web page will look more dynamic, but should also pay attention to enough, otherwise too fancy changes will easily arouse the viewers disgust.

Effect description

Create two pages and create a hyperlink between two pages, and when you click the hyperlink, you can animate it into another page, as shown in Figure 40-1. For actual results, please enjoy the "instance 40-Web transition effects" file in the Dreamweaver MX 2004 100 Example directory on the CD ROM.

Creative Thinking

Open the Dreamweaver MX 2004 software, create a new two page, and then create a corresponding hyperlink for it and insert a picture to perform the Insert | "HTML" | "File Header Label" | Meta command, enter parameters in the Open Meta dialog box, and finally save the file for production.

Operation Steps

(1) Open the Dreamweaver MX 2004 software to create a new two basic HTML file. To insert a picture without prompting for a relative path, you can first save the page as "40.htm" and "41.htm."

(2) Add a hyperlink and insert a picture. Add the word "web transition" to the page and set the hyperlink to the "41.htm" page, and then insert a picture to make the page transition effect clearer, as shown in Figure 40-2.

(3) then perform the same operation on the "41.htm" file, but the hyperlink URL for the text is "40.htm".

(4) Insert code. The following will implement the web transition effect and insert the META code into the page, as shown in Figure 40-3.

Hint: the Revealtrans (duration=4,transition=2) that is added in Figure 40-3, duration=4 code is the parameter of the Web page transition effect.

(5) In contrast to the previous step, the "41.htm" file performs the same operation, but the input is "Revealtrans (duration=4, transition=7), duration= 4".

(6) Save the file, complete the special effects production.

Implementation of the Web page transition effect, you can increase the dynamic of the page, but it also has drawbacks, will slow down the browsing speed, so should be appropriate to use.

Tip: There are 24 kinds of special effects to choose from, as long as the Transition value changed to the corresponding effect code, the specific effects and settings as shown in table 40-1.

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