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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 in the official English version, the Chinese version will be released later, Adobe, let's take a look at the download DreamweaverCS3 installation process, Contrast with Macromedia Door 8.0 to be beautiful many, Splash also very has the texture. The author has been very annoying 8.0 splash screen, but then I found a problem, DW's logo seems to be missing.
Dreamweaver CS3 The latest version has been released, please download, Dreamweaver CS3 soft down.

Figure 1 Dreamweaver 8 and 9 (ALPHA1) boot cover comparison

This dreamweaver new Spryspry. Spry is the Ajax Framework launched by Adobe (Spry Demospry Demo), which seamlessly integrates with Dreamweaver to complete program code in a drag-and-drop fashion. But I always think DW is for the web designer, if you are a web programmer or do not expect it will bring you much surprise.
It is said that Adobe Dreamweaver 9 (CS3) Alpha 1 will release the beta after the 2-week test, and everyone will be able to download the sample. I believe it is definitely supporting Microsoft's latest release of Vista, but whether it is as native as the Photoshop CS3 intel-macphotoshop CS3 support Intel-mac is not clear.

Figure 2 The main interface of DW CS3

More Adobe Dreamweaver 9 (CS3) Alpha 1 screenshots. After a 2-week test, Adobe releases the beta version of DW 9.

Figure 3 The Setup Wizard is initializing

Figure 4 Authorization Agreement

Figure 5 Installation Options

Figure 6 Choosing the installation location

Figure 7 Overview of installation Information

Figure 8 Installation in progress

Figure 9 Installation End

The official website of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 English version, about 285M size of the installation package, the installation process takes approximately more than 10 minutes.
After installation, open the software, prompted to register.
The first step is to get the registration code online, the second step is to enter the registration code, we have directly selected the second step, the registration code hint bar appears.
At this time, we first search the Internet several available registration code, and then disable the network card, prohibit the registration of access to the official network for verification.
Enter the registration code point Registration button, after failure, prompted other registration methods, we choose to register activation phone!
Enter the phone verification code into the calculation number to generate the final activation code and then enter the completion, registration success!

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 can register a member on the official website and download it to the official version.

The required operator is here to download:
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 counting device Http://www.myeey.com/soft/DreamWeaver_CS3_Keygen.rar

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