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Here's the dynamic page that says, and the Web page of various animations, scrolling subtitles and other visual "dynamic effect" has no direct relationship, dynamic Web pages can also be pure text content, can also contain a variety of animation content, these are only the content of the Web page of the form of expression, regardless of whether the Web page has dynamic effects, The Web pages generated by Dynamic Web technology are called Dynamic Web pages.

From the perspective of web surfers, whether dynamic or static pages, can display basic text and picture information, but from the site development, management, maintenance point of view there is a big difference.

The early Dynamic Web page mainly uses the Common Gateway Interface CGI (COMMONGATEWAYINTERFACE) technology. You can use a different program to write a suitable CGI program, such as Visual Basic, Delphi, or C + +. Although CGI technology is mature and powerful, it has been gradually replaced by new technology due to its difficulty in programming, inefficiency and complex modification.

corresponding to the static Web page, can interact with the background database, data transmission. That is, the suffix of the Web page URL is not a common form of Dynamic Web page format for static Web pages such as. htm,. html,. shtml,. XML, but is a suffix of. aspx,. asp,. jsp,. PHP,. Perl,. CGI, and so on. And in the Dynamic Web site has a symbolic symbol-"?".


Briefly summarized as follows:

(1) Dynamic Web pages generally based on database technology, can greatly reduce the workload of web site maintenance;

(2) The use of Dynamic Web site technology can achieve more functions, such as user registration, user login, online survey, user management, order management and so on;

(3) Dynamic Web pages are not actually independent of the Web page files on the server, only when the user requests the server to return a complete Web page;

(4) "?" In Dynamic Web pages Search engine retrieval There are certain problems, search engines are not generally possible from a website database to access all the pages, or for technical considerations, search spiders do not crawl the Web site "?" After the content, so the use of Dynamic Web site in the search engine promotion needs to do some technical processing to adapt to the requirements of search engines.

Client Script

Client script changes the interface and behaves or responds to mouse or keyboard actions on a particular page surface, or at a specified time event. In this case, the dynamic behavior occurs at the time of the event. The client-generated content is inside the user's local computer system.

The demo technology used in these pages is called the Rich interface page. The use of client-side scripting languages, such as JavaScript (Java scripts) or ActionScript (action scripts), Dynamic HTML (DHTML), and flash technology, is often used to orchestrate the presentation of media types (sounds, animations, modified text, and so on). The script also allows you to use one of the techniques of remote scripting, DHTML pages requesting additional information from the server, using a hidden framework, XMLHttpRequest or Web (network) services.

Server-side scripting

A program running on a Web (network) server (server-side script) is used to change the content of pages on different pages, or to adjust the sequence or reload the page. Server response to determine this situation, the data in the posted Hypertext Markup Language form, the parameters in the URL, the browser type used, the elapsed time, or the state of the database or server.

These pages are usually like Asp,coldfusion,perl,php,webdna, or other server-side languages. These server-side languages often use common Gateway interfaces (CGI) to generate dynamic Web pages. Two notable exceptions are the asp.net and JSP (Java Server Pages), which reuse the CGI concept in their API (Program programming Interface), but virtually all web (network) requests are assigned to a shared virtual machine. Dynamic Web pages have little or no expected changes, tend to cache and the page is expected to receive a large amount of network traffic, will create a slow load time to the server.

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