Dreamweaver MX Ultradev Exploration (preface)

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Dreamweaver the Ultradev of Dreamweaver MX (preface)

Today I got Dreamweaver MX, which is the third MX product I have on hand (formerly Flash MX, ColdFusion MX), this year is really an MX year Ah! Since the year after, Macromedia the good news about MX one by one, everybody wait, there will be a fourth soon (Fireworks MX). I'm really a little worried about Macromedia now: The next version of these products should use what name, hehe. Cut the crap and do the right thing.

Now MX in the background can not only use ASP, JSP, ColdFusion and ASP.net and PHP and ColdFusion MX, we can choose more room, happy! Support the latest ColdFusion MX tag, debug ColdFusion MX code, fully support ASP.net datasets,datagrid,datalist.

Start MX (later in the article are called MX, dreamwerver, typing trouble), the start interface and Flash MX feel bad, I really think other MX products may be like this! After entering the interface layout and Flash MX very much like, the panel color and position are similar, this aspect of the unification makes the majority of the use of more easily. We are here to discuss the application panel (because the ASP-related things are here), other panels we do not discuss here, it is a tiger thing, if it is a novice, I can only say sorry to you here.

To tell you the good news, I found that the background part of MX and the previous UD is not very different. His feature tag is all contained in the application panel (Figure Qy-1), click Application, see, all the things that used to be seen in UD are all there.

Figure Qy-1

Expand the application panel (Figure Qy-2)
Databases: Defining Database connections
Bindings: Data Binding
Server Behaviors: Behavior (most powerful, strongest place)
Components: In ASP, this panel is unnecessary
I think it's very kind of you to see these things. Select the database label, see No, and help, tell you to use the steps, for beginners, you can do while learning. Yes, very good.

Figure Qy-2

There is also a very important place is the toolbar, a lot of things, but we mainly talk backstage, and we are mainly about ASP tags and application tags (such as figure qy-3)

Figure qy-3

Well, today is a preliminary understanding, so that everyone has a concept, because MX integration of things too much, the function is too powerful, first let beginners a little direction. In the future, we will talk about the use of MX in the background, mainly combined with asp+access. As long as you watch slowly, you can use MX to build a dynamic personal site.

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