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In a Web page, making a scrolling caption using the marquee tag is too much trouble if you use a handwritten method. Starting with Dreamweaver MX 2004, you can use the tag Selector to insert a variety of labels, and you can use the tag Inspector to set the label's property value, which is similar to the property panel but more powerful than the property panel.

Insert the marquee label using the tag Selector

1. Place the cursor insertion point where you want to insert a scrolling marquee.
2. Click the "tag Selector" in the Insert panel
3. Select the Marquee tab and click the "Insert" button.

  To set the properties of the marquee label by using the tag Inspector

4. Convert to Code view. Place the cursor insertion point inside the Marquee tab.

5. Select "Window"--> "tag Inspector". Then select the properties, click the "+" before the category, and you can set the various uses of the label in the tag Inspector.

To set the primary usage of the marquee label

6. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the behavior settings item to select the movement of the scrolling caption content.

Behavior usage




Content in the opposite two directions roll around Content scrolling in the same direction Stop scrolling when content touches the marquee border
Marquee Test Marquee Test Marquee Test

The 7.direction property sets the scrolling direction of the marquee content.

Direction Usage





Move Down

Move left

Move right

Move Up

Webjx.com Webjx.com Webjx.com Webjx.com

The 8.scrollamount property sets the speed of the marquee scrolling.

ScrollAmount value is 1

ScrollAmount value is 50

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The 9.scrolldelay property sets the time, in milliseconds, to pause when the marquee content scrolls. If you want scrolling to look smooth, the value should be as small as possible. The instance is set to 1 milliseconds. If you want to have a sense of stepping, set a longer time.

Scrolldelay value is 1

Scrolldelay value is 500

Web page Making Learning Web page Making Learning

The 10.width property sets the width of the scrolling marquee.

The 11.onMouseOver event sets the action when the mouse moves to a scrolling marquee, often set to stop scrolling. The onmouseout event sets the action when the mouse leaves a scrolling marquee, often set to start scrolling. You need to open the Behaviors panel setting in Dreamweaver MX 2004.





This.stop ();

This.start ();

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The 12.style property sets the style of the marquee content. The caption text size is set in the instance, and the "FONT:12PX;" is entered.

The 13.loop property sets the number of marquee scrolling times and the default value is infinite. "-1" is also infinite.

Loop value is-1

Loop value is 5

Scrolling times Scrolling times

a set of code to scroll up the caption :
<marquee behavior= "Scroll" direction= "Up" width= "" height= "" loop= "-1" scrollamount= "1" scrolldelay= "1" style = "FONT:12PX;" > Scrolling marquee content </marquee>

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