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Dreamweaver in the previous several parts of the operation, our web page has been illustrated, has a considerable effect, but this is not enough for the Web page, for many of the Web page can become an organic whole, must be linked to the various pages through hyperlinks, This allows the viewer to jump between different pages.

★ Link Pictures and text

For some text or pictures to create a link is very convenient, as long as the mouse to select the need to become linked to the picture or text, and then in the property panel "link" input box to enter the desired page address to jump, or press the folder icon next to the input box to select the file to jump. In addition, Dreamweaver MX 2004 provides a quick way to link files through a Web site window.

The first step is to run the Site→manage Sites command and select a site that has already been created from the pop-up menu, and you can see the pop-up Site Administration window on the right.

The second step is to select the text or picture in the edit area and drag the circular target icon next to the Link input box in the Properties panel, and an arrow appears, and a box appears around the file when the arrow points to a file in the Web site manager (Figure 1).

Figure 1

The third step when you release the mouse, the selected text will appear in the lower part of the underline, and the color of the word becomes blue, and the "Link" input box will automatically display the destination file address.

Hint: There are two ways to pay attention to URLs when creating links. 1. Absolute address: for example www. abc Com/test. Htm;2. Relative address: such as DOWNLOAD/1. HTM, description page 1. HTM is in the root directory of the server.

★ Set up multiple links on a single picture

Some pages have multiple links on a large picture so that visitors can enter different pages by clicking on different locations of the images, which is the concept of the thermal region of the image, which can be achieved by reference to the following steps.

The first step is to select the image in Dreamweaver MX 2004, where you can see a "Map" area on the image Properties panel, with three pale blue tool icons below it, namely, rectangles, circles, and polygons.

The second step is to use the mouse to select one of them, then move the mouse over the image and drag out a light blue area.

The third step in the property panel in the "Link" input box to fill in the need to link the page address, such an image hot area is done.

Again, to this image set more than one image of the hot area, you can click on the different areas of the picture to enter different pages.

★ Customize the link of the page to jump

If you often subscribe to a free electronic magazine online, or if you are browsing an oversized page, you should be familiar with this kind of label link, which is a list of similar directories to easily jump to any part of the page.

The first step in Dreamweaver MX 2004 is to determine where the link points to, that is, where the screen jumps, and then select the target text and run the insert→named Anchor command.

The second step is to type a label name (such as TEST3) in the Anchor name input box, where an anchor tag appears automatically below the text to distinguish the normal text content (Figure 2).

Figure 2

The third step in the property board "Link" input box in the "#test3", where Test3 is just set the name, so you can achieve the page jump function.

Tip: If you want to point to a location on another page, just put the anchor tag in there.

★ Check Web links quickly

When surfing the internet, the most annoying thing is to see error messages such as "Web Server error 4004:file not Found". Because there are a lot of links in a Web site, a little bit will cause a lot of links to go wrong, but it's easy to check the links in Dreamweaver MX 2004.

The first step is to run the "Site→check links sidewide" command in Dreamweaver MX 2004, which will activate the link checker panel.

The second step is to choose from the show Drop-down menu in the upper left of the panel broken links (broken links), extrenal links (external links), Orphanedfiles (orphaned files) Three, for example, after we select orphaned files, Dreamweaver MX 2004 checks the current link condition and displays a list of orphaned files.

The third step for the problem file, double-click the left mouse button to open to modify.

Tip: External links are links to external Web sites, and Dreamweaver cannot check their correctness.

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