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dreamweaver| Link | Page below we take Dreamweaver MX and FrontPage 2003 For example, to look at the Web page image hot area of the specific establishment process.

First, in the Dreamweaver MX to create a hot zone for the picture

1, start Dreamweaver MX (other version please follow the operation), open the need to create a picture hot zone of the page file, select the appropriate picture, at this time the "Properties" panel automatically switch to the "Picture Properties" status (Figure 1).

2. Select a hot zone type (such as "oval") and drag a hot zone over the picture (see Figure 1)

Figure 1

Note: The hot zone is equivalent to adding a graphics layer to the picture, like adjusting the picture, you can adjust the size and position of the hot area by the mouse.

3. In the box to the right of the link, enter the URL you want to link to (such as "http://www.yesky.com"), enter some descriptive characters (such as "Tenkine") in the box following the "Replace", and press the Drop-down button to the right of "target". In the Drop-down list that appears, select a link page to open (for example, if you want the linked page to open in a new window, select the "_blank" option).

Note: The character entered in the Override box, which appears on the page when you browse the page later, when the mouse points to the hot area (Figure 2).

Figure 2

4, repeat the above 2, 3 steps of operation, in different parts of the picture to establish a number of hot zones.

Second, in the FrontPage2003 for the picture set up hot zone

1, start FrontPage2003, open the need to create a picture hot zone of the Web page file.

2. Execute "view → toolbar → picture" command, expand the Picture toolbar (Figure 3)

Figure 3

3, select a hot zone type (such as "rectangular"), and then drag and drop a hot zone on the picture, the system automatically pops up the "Insert Hyperlink" dialog box (Figure 4).

Figure 4

4, in the "Address" bar to enter the URL to link (such as "www.yesky.com"), click the "ScreenTip" button to open the "Set screen Hyperlink Prompt" dialog box (Figure 5), enter some descriptive characters (such as "Tenkine").

Figure 5

Note: the "ScreenTip" here is the same as the Dreamweaver MX "override" feature.

4, the same, repeat the above 3, 4 steps of operation, can be in different parts of the picture to establish a number of hot zones.

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