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Although said in Dreamweaver tailor-made WordPress message Board (ii) this one, let the message board backstage account with the WordPress account share, but the part of the login, or individual login, so feel still some small trouble, so prunes suddenly thought, If you can get WordPress has logged in, that will be the son just log into a good, so the internet Google a bit, ha ~ Indeed can also, so prunes it and message board integration, let WordPress login, you can directly edit the message, And also put del.php into the installation of protection, in case there is a person directly in the back to hit del.php? Id=xxx, you can delete the message directly, so now if not logged in, the input del.php is unable to perform any action drop!

To obtain whether WordPress has been logged in:


Add a PHP page and save it as wp_login.php and enter the syntax below.


require (".. /wp-blog-header.php ");
if (is_user_logged_in ()) {?>
	has been logged into
	the <br> <a href= "<?php Echo Wp_logout_url ());? > "> Logout </a>
<?php} else {?>
   has not logged into


Open the browser test, if WordPress does not log in, the wp_login.php will show the message has not been logged in, with this concept, you can share this login account.

Del.php Join Login Verification:


Open del.php Find if (is_user_logged_in ()) {, pull to the bottom of the? "Add }else{Header (sprintf (" Location:index.php "));

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