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dreamweaver| Tip 1 How to integrate Dreamweaver into IE browser?

The Dreamweaver installer adds an "Edit withdreamweaver" command to the contextual selections, and we can also modify the Windows registry so that it integrates with IE. Like MS Word, FrontPage, and Notepad, call Dreamweaver to open the current page by using the IE Toolbar's edit button.

Change the last line of the following text to your own Dreamweaver installation path, save them as a *.reg file, and double-click it to add the information to the registry. regedit4[hkey_classes_root\\.htm\\openwithlist\\dreamweaver][hkey_classes_root\\.htm\\openwithlist\\ dreamweaver\\shell][hkey_classes_root\\.htm\\openwithlist\\dreamweaver\\shell\\edit][hkey_classes_root\\.htm\\ Openwithlist\\dreamweaver\\shell\\edit\\command]@=\\d:\\\\macromedia\\\\dreamweaver3\\\\dreamweaver.exe\\\\%1\ \

If you want to set the IE default editor, open IE's "Internet Options" and specify it in the program label. color= #0000ff >2) in order to use some scripts, often to add an empty link to the graphics or text, but when you click on the object with the empty link, you will jump to the top of the page, how to avoid?

Because the browser thought it was linked to the same page, it couldn't find the defined bookmark (anchor) and stayed at the top of the page.

Replace the "#" of the Empty link with "javascript:void (null)" To solve the problem. 3 The use of CSS, layers of time, in different browsers, sometimes even dislocation phenomenon, how to solve?

Dreamweaver does well in terms of compatibility with different browsers, but it does not mean that Web pages made with Dreamweaver are exactly the same as in IE and Netscape. In general, browsing the same Web page in a different browser is unlikely to be exactly the same, as the browsers of different manufacturers decide.

Generally try to keep the following questions in mind:

Do not mix the use of layers and table typesetting, if it is a parent-child relationship, such as the layer table, not within the scope of this principle;

Inline CSS is often problematic in Netscape Navigator, using a chained or inline type;

Sometimes you need to insert a table or a transparent picture in the empty layer to ensure the effect in the Netscapenavigator. For layers with only a few pixel widths or heights, use a picture instead;

Avoid using typesetting attributes that are not recommended by the organization and use CSS instead. 4 Why copy text from other documents to Dreamweaver, all the paragraphs will be squeezed into a group, and within the Dreamweaver with the format code?

Dreamweaver copy and paste text has two categories, the standard way to copy objects together with the object's properties, the contents of the Clipboard as HTML code, another way to copy or paste only text, copy ignore HTML format, sticky paste when the HTML code as text pasted. Press one of the "Shift" keys to ctrl+shift+c/ctrl+shift+v the latter way. 5 Why the Web page with IE browsing normal, with Netscapenavigator but not meet the requirements or even error, and in the Dreamweaver document window is always modified bad?

Please check the code. Because some parts of the page are repeatedly modified with the WYSIWYG editor, some extra code, such as unwanted links, which is not visible in the Dreamweaver document window, is sometimes left behind, IE ignores them. But Netscape Navigator more stringent code requirements, a preview of the incredible phenomenon, 6 in the netscapenavigator, some bookmarks (anchor) does not work, some seem to have disappeared?

Netscape Navigator's bookmarks are case sensitive. In navigator, bookmarks in multiple nested tables are lost, and bookmarks are placed outside the table. 7 Dreamweaver document window is covered with a variety of panels, in order to edit the document, had to be clawed out a gap, too tired, how is good?

A 800x600 resolution screen is a bit smaller for Dreamweaver, but even 1024x768 doesn't fit all the panels. The key is to organize well.

Close those panels that are temporarily unavailable in editing, and put the common panels together to save screen space;

Unless you want to use it now, turn off HTML Source Inspector, which occupies a considerable amount of system resources, excluding screen space.

Press F4 to hide all open panels, a glance at the full picture of the document, and then click on the display panel;

In the Windows menu, there is a "arrange floatingpalettes" command that uses this command to place all open panels around the window and not overlap.

The use of shortcut keys and proficiency is a good way to improve efficiency.

When you add an object that is not visible, Dreamweaver adds the appropriate icon to the top of the page in the document window, and if there are too many icons, it may prevent editing. You can hide and display them by pressing "Ctrl+shift+i" (the main menu viewinvisibleelements). You can also set the icon to not appear, but this is not recommended, because they can help select objects for editing. 8 The Head object panel can only add content, can you modify the contents of the tag in the document window?

OK. There is a very intuitive way, press the "Ctrl+shift+w" (Main Menu viewheadcontent), in the main menu of the document window appears a line of icons, click on these icons to modify.

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