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The skillful use of Dreamweaver shortcuts can often make our work more efficient. Accustomed to DW3 (note: Dreamweaver3.0 abbreviation, the same below) shortcut key friends, when the upgrade to DW4, many shortcuts like F8,f7 have changed, feel very inconvenient. Fortunately DW4 for us to think of this, gave us the right to modify. We can not only set the DW4 shortcut key for the DW3 program, but also can be set as a homesite scheme, what's more, we can also according to their own habits to DIY shortcut keys. Objectively speaking, this is also a bright spot of DW4. I would like to introduce how to change the DW4 shortcut key scheme, I hope you can see after the DIY set of shortcut key program.

One, familiar with the basic composition of the menu. First to open the shortcut key Editing window, click the menu edit/keyboardshortcuts ... After, out of the figure editing window, note: The keyboardshortcuts edit window comes out a bit slow, do not think the crash.

Currentset option: It provides four curing shortcut keys, which is not allowed to change. The options are: Bbedit,dreamweaver3,homesite,macromediastandard. Among them bbedit,homesite, as well as Dreamweaver3 are web design software.

: Copy one of the shortcut keys you chose.

: Rename, change the name of your scheme, only modify the name of the custom scheme.

: You set the shortcut key scheme, output to the file, can be a. txt file, can also be an. htm file.

: Deletes a custom scheme, the deleted scheme must not be the scenario that the current system is using, and can only delete the custom scheme.

Command (command) options: You can select the commands that you want to change or set shortcut keys to. Any command can set a shortcut key for it. Menucommands (Edit Window menu command): Includes all DW4 edit window commands; Sitemenucommands (Site Administration menu command): Includes all DW4 site admin windows edit commands; codeediting (Code Editor): includes the code , the text of the processing of all the commands, such as: Ctrl + C (copy), Ctrl + V (paste), etc. documentediting (text when editing): mainly some window-related commands, it and siteediting (site editor) in most of the commands repeated, This may be a small bug in DW4.

Shortcuts (accelerator key): Displays the shortcut keys for the current command. You can use the minus sign to remove the shortcut key for the current command, and click the plus sign if you want to increase the shortcut. You can set multiple shortcut keys for a command. For example: The Copy command's shortcut key is CTRL + C, you can also set a alt+c shortcut key for it, note: To ensure that Alt+c does not point to other commands.

Press key: Enter the key value. Click the Change button when you are finished.

Two, let's DIY our own shortcut key scheme. Here I only set a shortcut key, as long as you know the method, you can do the same. Here is how to set the F7 key to open the behavior (Behavior) editing window implementation process.

1. Click the menu Edit/keyboard shortcuts ... Come out to edit the window, choose Macromediastandard in Currentset, and of course you can choose other options as needed.

2. Click, come out the following window, enter the name in the window, Chinese is not supported. Because DW4 the original option to solidify, can not be modified, to modify it must first copy a scheme, and then on the basis of this program to modify.

3. Because you want to modify the shortcut key in the menu commands, so first select Menucommands and then select window, Behaviorsshift+f3 selected.

The 4.Shortcuts option will appear: SHIFT+F3, and then click Change after entering F7 in press Key.

5. A shortcut key modification is very simple, if you want to modify the repeat 3, 4 steps.

6.DW4 also provides the output file function of your program, you just click, then enter the filename, you can put your own DIY program output to the file.

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