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We are in the process of making Web pages, especially for beginners to read their own web page to create a background, today I will explain to you how to set the background of the Web page in the Dreamweaver8 method.

Start the Dreamweaver software first and create an HTML document.

Then we execute the "modify" => Page properties (shortcut ctrl+j) menu commands, pop-up Page Properties dialog box, in the "appearance" category will find a more "repeat" option below the background image, you can choose not to repeat (no-repeat), repeat (repeat), Horizontal repeat (repeat-x), longitudinal repeat (repeat-y), as shown in the figure.

Click the browse button after the background image to find a picture as the background of the page, and then take a look at the different background images brought by four different options. First select the "Do not repeat" option, which means that the background picture is not repeated, only the original size of the image is displayed, and only once, as shown in the figure. In previous versions, as long as the background image of the Web page is set, it will be tiled in the Web page, and now we have a stronger control over the background image.

If you select the Repeat option, the background image is repeated in the X and Y directions, as shown in the previous version.

If the repeat horizontally option is selected, the background image is repeated in the x-axis direction, as shown in the figure.

If the Repeat Portrait option is selected, the background image is repeated in the y-axis direction, as shown in the figure.

Try the method when you make the Web page! Oh

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