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There are tables in the table that are nested tables.

Web page layout is sometimes very complex, in the external need for a table to control the overall layout, if the details of the internal typesetting through the general form to achieve, easy to cause the row Gaolekuan conflict, the production of the table to bring difficulties. Second, the browser in the resolution of the page, is the entire structure of the Web page after downloading the table, if not the use of nesting, the table is very complex, viewers have to wait a long time to see the content of the Web page.

The introduction of nested tables, the overall form is responsible for the whole layout, from the nested table responsible for the layout of each child columns, and inserted into the corresponding position of the general table, each other, do not conflict.

In addition, through the nesting table, the table's background image, border, cell spacing and cell margins and other properties can be a beautiful border effect, make a beautiful sound-painting map page.

To create an action method for a nested table, insert the total table, and then place the cursor where you want to insert the nested table, and continue inserting the table.

1, place the cursor in the document window where you want to insert the table, click the Common Insert Bar Table button, insert a 1 row 1 column table one, width 500 pixels, height 100%, border 0, cell spacing is 0, cell margin is 12 pixels. Background image selection Beij/003.gif.

2, place the cursor in table one, insert table two, 1 rows 1 columns, width 100%, height 100%, border is 0, cell spacing is 0, cell margin is 12 pixels. Background image selection Beij/002.gif.

3, place the cursor in table two, insert table two, 1 rows 1 columns, width 100%, height 100%, cell spacing and cell margins are 8 pixels, border is 10, border color is #fee4ed. Background image selection Beij/005.gif.

4, place the cursor in the table three, select the cell background image for Beij/006.gif. Add text "Happy New Year", Font size 68px, font for the official script, color for #a51008.

Iii. Formatting of tables

A good table can use the preset appearance provided by DW, can improve the efficiency of the production, maintain the identity of the appearance of the table, while the style provides a more beautiful color matching.

Insert a table with 5 rows and 6 columns, with a width of 500 pixels and 300 pixels, with borders, cell spacing, and margins all 0.

Select table, center align Table, execute command/format table, pop-up "Format table" dialog box, we choose altrows red Format, click "OK" Table style is set.


Here, you can also set the corresponding parameter values.

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