Dress up with app software development

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Basic necessities, everyone can not do without, with the development of the Internet, more and more people pay attention to their external dress, pay attention to their external performance in the upbringing and taste, status and emotional expression of life, and therefore, more and more people choose to buy online, and convenient choice of clothing and clothing is a lot of people pay attention to a point, Because of the non-manifested network, so many people on the development of clothing app software has a rigid demand. This will also become the trend of fashion development in the future!

Clothing, wear collocation, a lot of business opportunities insightful investors have been planning to develop a teaching clothing with the app, although there are many related to the market, but as long as the function is not able to meet the needs of users, to provide users with more personalized service, I believe it can occupy a lot of market share.

Now generally teach people to dress up the app, with the following features:

1, clothing evaluation: the first use of the app a simple evaluation, a general understanding of the user's physique, face shape, skin color, age, height, weight, clothing habits, expected to wear clothing to solve their own shortcomings. Can be more convenient for different people to make different clothing recommendations.

2, according to the different climate, the weather to give clothing advice: according to different regions, different seasons, know about tomorrow's weather, whether there will be rain. If add a coat how to add, what color, what style;

3, according to different occasions to give clothing advice: what to wear tomorrow? What do you wear? What kind of clothes do you wear on a blind date?

4, to provide relevant knowledge. What color and what color to look good? How should coats be paired? How to wear clothes more thin and so on.

5, to provide Community forum section. Provide a platform for everyone to communicate with each other.

There is also the ability to provide differentiated services such as:

1, Member Services, for members to provide exclusive matching tutor.

2, recommended products. and provide them with the corresponding purchase platform or the app comes with the mall.

3, to provide more relevant information. such as including the maintenance of skin care, hair and other information and skills.

Dress up with app software development

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