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first, the hardware aspects:

If the display card itself has problems, resulting in the computer black screen or flower screen, invisible screen prompts, even the master is difficult to troubleshoot, can only be sent to the Professional maintenance center for testing and maintenance. However, in many cases, the computer appears to be unable to display the fault is not directly caused by the display of hardware damage, so we can through a number of small methods, from the hands out, for reference only.

(i) video card and motherboard slot bad contact

If the screen has no display after the boot, we can first check the card and the motherboard slot is loose or bad contact. In many cases, due to the motherboard deformation caused by poor contact can be seen through the naked eye, such as board a high end, it is easy to exclude. However, there are some graphics card contact is very hidden, on the surface of the installation is very good, but in fact, poor contact, leading to a lot of inexplicable fault.

(ii) Effect of power or setting

Today's motherboards provide a lot of advanced power management features, such as energy-saving, sleep, on-now, and so on, but some video cards and motherboard some power features conflict, can lead to Windows when the phenomenon of flower screen.

(iii) Impact after the BIOS is refreshed

Many people after the BIOS, play some games will crash or automatically jump back to the desktop, more useful brand-name manufacturers BIOS Brush the case of their own graphics card. If most of the Windows tasks are normal after the refresh, but a driver such as Photoshop is wrong, it is hard to think of the effect of refreshing the BIOS.

Suggestion: Your graphics card works properly, it is best not disorderly "upgrade". Because the bios of the graphics card each version of the computer's motherboard, the power supply has a certain degree of compatibility (compatible) characteristics, if the current parts are in harmony, or not to change the good. The motherboard's BIOS is the same, unless it is in order to support the new CPU considerations, nothing to brush. In addition, the graphics card fixed screws do not screw too tight too dead, moderate can, because the video card in the boot box has a little distance, if the screw too tight will force a slight pull away from the slot card, may lead to poor contact.

Small tips:

General diagnostic video card and memory fault difference between the graphics card and memory problems, computer boot are black screen, how to distinguish it? The main points to note are:

1, pay attention to the computer has no small horn alarm sound, such as alarm sound, graphics card problems may be larger, but also from the length of the alarm and the number of times to determine the specific fault (the motherboard with the instructions will appear in the specific method of judgment, you can find reference).

2, if the black screen without alarm sound, most of the memory is not plugged in good or bad. No memory computer can not open the machine, of course, will not alarm.

3, notice the display of the panel lights status, if no alarm sound and check the memory, may be the graphics card contact problems, often accompanied by hard disk lights illuminated steady, you can also see the status of the display lights, if the black screen with the display on the status of the adjustment of the lights at the same time constantly flashing, may be connected to the video card to the monitor cable plug loose , or the video card is not plugged in in the slot.

  Second, the software aspect:

After updating the video card driver, reboot the computer, the screen resolution is very low, the color quality is poor.

Problem reason: After updating the video card driver, the new video card driver file is not properly loaded and invoked by the system, causing the system to still load the old version of the graphics driver file after the reboot of the computer (at this time the old version of the graphics driver file is incomplete and error).


(1) Find "My Computer" on the desktop, right-click Management, Device Manager, monitor adapter inside the device, right click "Uninstall", will require restart the computer, reboot after the good (when the system has been properly loaded and call the updated video card driver files)

(2) if (1) in the method operation, restart the computer into the system, but the color is normal, but the resolution is not normal, and can not be tuned to see whether the system has a graphics driver, on the desktop right click, properties, Settings, advanced, the adapter to see the state. If you need to reinstall a new graphics driver, turn on driving life 6, point automatic detection-local drive-recommended drive-graphics devices-immediately updated, after installation prompts restart.

(3) For some ghost version of the operating system, will be forced to install some integrated graphics drivers, in the "Add Remove Programs" list to find and delete, such as: Display Driver and other names of things.

Reminder: It is also possible that the C disk is out of memory, causing the installation process to fail.

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