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The computer in the daily use due to the graphics card failure caused by the flower screen, the crash is our users often encounter situations. Once the user encounters this kind of situation naturally the first thought is my video card is not broken? In fact, the computer screen is usually two kinds of circumstances, both of which may be hardware failure, or software out of the situation. I do this on the computer screen of the situation did a few induction, so that users more easily solve the flower screen cups.

Hardware failure:

First need to judge, the flower screen occurs in what kind of computer state, if it is a splash screen, it is likely that the computer cooling problems. Use drive life hardware-hardware temperature check to see the current graphics card chip temperature, check the computer's fan speed.

Figure 1

The following is the normal operating temperature of the computer and the motherboard fan speed

1, the CPU general 30-60 degrees are normal.

2, motherboard, hard disk temperature is lower than the CPU, the motherboard is generally 40-60 degrees between normal temperature; hard disk temperature, normal IDE or SATA hard disk temperature should be below 55 degrees.

3, the general version of the graphics card in 40-50 degrees, a special version of the 70-80 degree is normal.

4, the CPU fan speed should be above 2500 turn for normal.

For a long pause. Huati, the phenomenon of the crash, there may be power supply or motherboard slot power shortage, you can try to replace the computer test.

At the same time can also be judged from the pattern above, when the screen appears more regular flower screen pattern, then the failure of the video card is more likely, the card can be swapped to another computer to try.

Software failure:

When the Huati is in the running of large 3D software, the game appears in the process, first to see if the graphics card large data processing in the process of not enough heat. That can choose to try to update the latest version of the driver, or select the game manufacturer recommended driver, because the graphics driver and the program itself is incompatible with the game screen is not smooth, flower screen, panic is a common situation. Encounter such a situation, do not be impatient not to panic, as long as you find the appropriate driver, everything will be solved.

Figure 2

The author suggests that by driving life to download drive, driving life is driven by WHQL certification, and the software can provide a convenient version of the download, convenient for users to find suitable for their own drive, but also intelligent automatic installation drive, save worry.

Figure 3

At the same time, the software can also be the original driver for easy backup management, in case of need only.


Causes the computer flower screen is various, as long as we usually pay attention to maintain the working state of the hardware, such as the use of life-driven temperature real-time detection, in the high temperature of the hardware in a timely manner to take cooling measures. Reasonable use, to maintain a reasonable working environment of hardware, you can greatly extend the life of our hardware, to prevent the aging of hardware performance, so that our computer to play more outstanding, more smooth use.

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