Drive Life 5: A key to help you enjoy WiFi access

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Drive Life 5: A key to help you enjoy WiFi access

At present, most families spend 100来 yuan at home to buy a wireless router, sharing broadband Internet is very convenient. But there are exceptions, if in school dormitories, hotels or other people's home, there is not necessarily a router to allow you to connect more than one device mobile phone, notebook at the same time the Internet, this situation can only complain why not carry a route? There is also the condition that there is no network cable or wireless broadband, Only one laptop through the 3G wireless Internet, and you can only feel the feeling of wireless internet is a wonderful thing!

Actually speaking here, we absolutely do not have to blame or feeling envy, as long as you have WiFi wireless network card notebook or mobile phone, in the absence of no line by the circumstances can also achieve WiFi sharing broadband Internet access, and this is not a problem, The premise is that as long as the notebook or mobile phone are equipped with WiFi wireless network card can be achieved, then as long as a network cable or 3G access to achieve a shared broadband function, the following recommended a simple WiFi sharing method

Win7 virtual WiFi routing using driver life software

Note: This method is the same as making sure your notebook is a Win7 or Win8 system.

This software interface is very simple, it does not have any additional settings options, just step-by-step to fill in the name of the wireless network, set up the wireless network password and you are using the networking method can make your notebook into a "virtual wireless router." In fact, your notebook becomes a "WiFi hotspot." Then, within the range of the signal coverage, we can connect to this "hot spot" with WiFi phones, computers with wireless cards, and so on.

1, open the software, click on the WiFi sharing interface, as shown

2, in the WiFi Name and password box set account password;

3. Click on the WiFi button to complete the WiFi sharing settings. Check the power-on automatically open WiFi sharing, you can save the duplicate settings, the next time the boot automatically enabled.

To sum up, although there are many ways of WiFi sharing online, but some of the steps to set up trouble, the user toss half a day can not set up, or is to share the Internet network instability, the author tested for half a month, I think this method is simple and stable, so we recommend that everyone use, of course, do not like the students can ignore.

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