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Figure (1) for driving Life 2009beat Moderator Interface

First, super hardware detection capability, automatic Intelligent driver update

The use of advanced hardware detection technology, as well as the accumulation of genuine database hardware manufacturers, driving the 2009beat version of the market can detect all popular hardware, and automatically download your computer to install the most appropriate driver. In addition to installing drivers for unknown devices, driving life can automatically detect driver upgrades, keeping the computer at your best performance.

Click on the desktop to drive life shortcuts to open the software, click the Drive Update button, the driver will automatically network to detect your hardware devices and drivers (as shown in Figure 2), based on network conditions, the detection process may take more than 10 seconds to a few minutes, during this process do not disconnect the network. In order to ensure the drive life online intelligent detection, upgrade function can be used normally, you need to confirm that your computer has the normal Internet connection ability.

Figure (2) for automatic detection of hardware and its driver

All hardware devices that need to install the driver will be listed after the test is completed. You can verify that backups are required by clicking on the hardware name (so that if you are not satisfied with the latest drivers, you can restore the previous driver) and update the drivers (Figure 3, 4).

Figure (3) Backup original drive process

Figure (4) for the latest drive download process

Figure (5) for the latest driver installation

For hardware drivers that need to be updated, you only need to check the hardware name in the Smart identification panel (you can select multiple hardware at once, but it takes a long time), and then click on the "Start Update" button to automatically update the driver in your life. Note: The computer needs to be restarted after the driver is upgraded.

Second, advanced Drive backup technology, drive backup easy to handle

For the installed, do not want to spend more time to install the driver problem, driving the life of the drive backup technology can be perfect for its solution, the time to control within a few minutes. Hardware drivers can be backed up as stand-alone files, zip compression packs, self-extracting programs, or automated installation programs, and system reloading is no longer a worry.

By driving the life of the backup function, it takes only 2 steps to complete the driver backup work. First, check the hardware name of the backup driver you need, then select the backup directory, that is, the last need to back up the hard drive path, as shown in Figure 5, I chose to back up the sound card, network card and video card driver, backup mode for the folder, path selected as D:drivesbackup, the following to do is click on " Start Backup button to complete the backup of your driver. As shown in Figure 6

Figure (6) to drive the backup process

Three, simple and easy to restore function, drive restore one key to complete

The driver installation process can be completed automatically by the self installation driver that drives the life backup, and the hardware driver installation is completed by double-clicking. Of course, you can also drive a life-driven restore management interface for driver restore.

The restore driver is as simple as backup drive, you need to click the "Other backup directory" button to find the path to your backup driver, as shown in figure (7), I chose the folder that I just backed up d:drivesbackup, then select the time to restore in the left schedule and click " Start restore to restore the driver.

Figure (7) Restore Folder options for drives

Figure (8) to drive the restore directory and process

Safety Drive Uninstall function, fast cleaning drive residue

Incorrect installation or an invalid driver that remains on the system may affect the operation of the operating system, use driver-driven uninstall features that drive life, safely uninstall the driver or clean up the operating system's drive residue, and keep your hardware at your best state of work.

For driver residues caused by incorrect installation or other reasons, we recommend that you uninstall the driver using the driver uninstall function, uninstall the driver only need to check the hardware name, and then click Uninstall the selected Drive button to complete the uninstall work, as shown in Figure 9, small series want to uninstall the sound card driver, so I checked the voice, video, Game controller driver, confirm and click "Uninstall selected Driver", you can do the selected drive uninstall operation. Note: Some hardware devices are related to the normal operation of the system, please use this feature carefully. We strongly recommend that you back up the driver before uninstalling the driver.

Figure (9) Driver Uninstall function


Drive life to allow the learner, workers, are truly aware of the real convenience. If you're still questioning, you're still amazed, so come and experience it quickly. Then tell the practical software to all the friends like you who need her help. Heart is not as good as action oh.

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