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Fig. 1, when the machine was tricked by profiteers to help up to 430,000

Figure 2, the search entry that does not know how to install the driver is more than 20 million

You can see that in Baidu, when buying a computer cheated users a few, and do not know how to install the driver's user is reached an alarming number. How to prevent when the machine is cheated? How do I install the driver completely without any problems? I recommend here to you personally experience the driving life of this software, the software can not only fundamentally solve the user's driving problem, but also can play sniper profiteers, so that users no longer deceived role. So now let's see how the author uses the drive life to help purchase the installed user step-by-step solution to the problem.

Figure 3, driving the Life launch screen

Into the driving life of the main interface, click the Hardware Detection button, we can see the complete configuration of the machine list, at this time, we can and computer instructions on the configuration of one by one corresponding check to see if there are configurations and instructions on the configuration list, this can only be a driver of life sniper profiteers first step.

Figure 4, the most basic computer configuration detection, fundamentally eliminate the harassment of profiteers.

Then the second step, the hardware Information bar to open the hard disk information and other Information bar, from this column, we can see the hard drive on the time and the battery loss of the laptop, because often profiteers will be in our attention to the Black hand, and hard disk and battery is often the consumer's blind spot, Driving the integration of the life of this function can be very good for us to detect the new and old degree of the machine, in case profiteers in our cynical place.

Fig. 5, drive Life to detect hard disk use time, prevent refurbished machine.

Figure 6, Laptop battery loss, so you eliminate cynical

Through the above way, the opportunity to buy a businessman such a tragic encounter will not happen again in the body of users, we have to solve the machine after the first driver problem, for such problems, driving life can be regarded as an expert, and driving the life of a key to install a key to restore the simple operation, It is to make the majority of users do not understand the driver or even do not understand the driver to better complete a key machine!

Figure 7 driving the life-driven update interface, click Start Update, drive problem solving

Thus far, users have been easy to avoid the purchase of machine traps, carefree installed computer-driven, the new computer has been sharp, the user's mood is also extremely comfortable, the author lightly with a few m of the software to solve all the purchase machine trouble, it is a necessary artifact purchase machine.

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