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Even if the weather is hot, the daily necessities of the work of the necessary tools-computers are indispensable, but because the hot weather also began to become the normal operation of the computer one of the factors, A computer CPU and video card temperature. It is most important to run a large number of programs or play games and their temperature will increase. If the temperature is too high, the hardware may be damaged. And the system is also prone to panic or automatic restart. Especially in hot summer should pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation. At this time, driving the life temperature detection module, can help us to understand the computer temperature changes at any time, to avoid love machine "heat heatstroke."

Driving Life hardware Detection temperature interface

The temperature test that drives life can completely detect the computer motherboard, CPU, graphics card, hard disk four large temperature, real computer real-time monitoring, click on the temperature detection module in the beginning of the record, your computer in this period of time the temperature curve of the parts will be like the mentality of the pulse chart as fully displayed, The user can also see the temperature change clearly:

Temperature record of CPU at same time

Temperature record of video card at same time

Temperature record of hard disk at same time

Of course idle time driving life design has more convenient observation, real-time monitoring of the temperature of the hardware, user-friendly design adds a little fun:

Driving Life temperature detection small detection bar interface

Of course, while paying attention to the temperature of the computer, computer cooling should also be synchronized, to put it simply, the following several ways can be a good solution to the temperature problem, 1. Ambient temperature of not more than 30 ℃, such as open air-conditioning, fan, etc., but if there is no environmental cooling conditions, hot weather can open the chassis shell to cool; 2. Use the computer, do not make the CPU for a long time in full load operating conditions; 3. Keep the computer fan working properly; 4. Correctly arrange the plug-in in the chassis, comb and cluster all kinds of wire in the chassis, so that the air flow smoothly in the chassis; 5. The computer chassis regularly dust, in order to improve the mechanical and air heat exchange capacity; 6. Spend some money on accessories upgrades, buy individual parts of the radiator, notebook fan is also a good choice.


Conclusion: The computer hardware temperature is the same as the human body, once more than a certain temperature limit will be sick fever, so, the CPU temperature is also a direct threat to the life of the computer, in the use of driving life to solve all the driving problems at the same time, the use of driving life testing hardware temperature function, real-time attention to computer temperature condition, in this city hot summer, Full use of life-driven functions to help computer cooling, play to the best use of the state.

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