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More and more children's shoes want to upgrade the computer to the WIN10 system, but because Microsoft has not released the official version, the online circulation of many Win10 ghost Mirror, these systems with a variety of plugins, add software and game promotion, and even some viruses. It is very difficult to find a clean, safe Win10 system. Recently drive the life of the official began to fully support the WIN10 system, the real hands-on teaching you to install WIN10.

Open the official forum to drive life, you can see the latest driver of life in the product area of the official new "Win10 Drive Zone", specifically for users to solve the problem of WIN10 system. In the Win10 drive area, you can download the purest Win10 original system, the engineers who drive life provide a detailed tutorial on using the PE installation WIN10 to teach you to easily upgrade the system to WIN10. After upgrading the system drive problem, you can also rest assured that the driving life.

When the computer is upgraded to a WIN10 system, the most frustrating thing for users is driving problems. Drive life fully supports WIN10 system-driven installation. Installed on the computer to drive life, on the home page or the local drive section can be the computer for a comprehensive drive detection. After the test is complete, if the computer driver needs to be updated or repaired, driving life will be intimate reminders.

Update or repair driver you can choose a single fix, or check multiple one-click Fixes. It is worth noting that if only the driver version can be updated in the drive management of life to back up the original driver, to prevent the update version of the problem when restoring the driver.

After the driver installation is complete, some drivers such as network card driver will prompt restart after the effective, at this time just restart the computer, you can safely use the WIN10 system!

Whether you're installing WIN10 or installing WIN10 drivers, you can post to the Win10 drive zone, which drives the official Life forum. Drive Life Official full support WIN10 system, help you feel the charm of WIN10 system!

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