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Why drive life can be tens of millions of users to download the use? In the end it has a superb "martial arts", access to so many users support and attention. What drives life to adhere to the "hard truth" is what, small weave takes you to drive the hidden secret of life.

Driving life in the drive-oriented while the hardware detection function is also driving the life of the development team has been adhering to the important functions, in the end hardware testing how "hard"? We'll see.

Figure 1, driving the Life Hardware Overview interface

Driving life is so simple to show everyone the user's computer configuration, this hardware detection function is suitable for all computer users to use. Of course more suitable to like to show off, the pursuit of high computer configuration friends. Click the export hardware detailed report, you can export a TXT document hardware detailed report.

Figure 2, Driving life export hardware Detail report

Drive Life Hardware Inspection interface design at a glance, the message is clear, if you are just a know your configuration is high, but do not know where to configure the outstanding "small white", this you can be very confident to tell your friends around your high configuration, so that you completely regain self-confidence.

Figure 3, the motherboard information that drives the life hardware information

Driving the life of the hardware information to the vertical column of the design style to show everyone, cute little icons are not considered to drive the intimate design of life? Next we look at the accuracy of the information, as shown in the picture, the computer board information of the small series, the manufacturer, model, chipset, BIOS version, vendor and version date are all lit up, Drive life to become a weapon against pirates.

Figure 4, graphics information

Like DIY friends, especially game enthusiasts, the graphics card requirements are very high friends, driving life is a very good detection tool, all the graphics card information can be seen from the graphics card name to the kernel, video memory frequency to the rendering engine and so on. In addition to some ancillary hardware detection, such as the mouse button name, type, etc.!

Figure 5, Other hardware

Driving the life of hardware detection in the temperature detection, drive life always pay attention to your computer hardware temperature, CPU, hard disk, video card. Always remind the friends who play games to care about your comrades!

Figure 6, hardware temperature interface

Click Start record, record a period of time, point stop record, can help you put your computer in recording this period of temperature all into picture format, professional and understandable.

Fig. 7, driving the life temperature Test record chart

Summary: Drive life is a free, green system Tools software, hardware detection function, whether you are compatible desktop computers, or brand desktop computers, or notebook hardware configuration information, are clearly listed. Drive your life together with your focus on "brain" health.

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