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The sound card driver does not have the installation to be able to have the sound, then may use the Drive Wizard to help you to download installs the sound card driver. This article is some children's shoes in the installation of sound card driver encountered a card progress bar problem solution.

  Win7 system under the Driver Wizard to update the Realtek sound card driver, the installer card will appear in the progress bar, and the progress bar only displays a white box. (as pictured)


1, turn off the Driver wizard, then open and then click on the installation again.

2, restart the computer, open the Drive Wizard after installation.

3, you can try to close/exit the security software, and then successfully installed the sound card driver and then open.

4, if you are just installed the system needs to install a sound card driver and this problem, you can install the system patch first. You can use the system's own upgrade program, or you can use the system patches provided by the Driver Wizard.

  is the system reloading to the sound card driver and stuck?

Driver is not compatible, choose not to select a sound card driver, installed before downloading a driver. Or, in the installation of the time to skip directly, do not drive!

In this case, the sound card driver is generally not right, eliminate the driver problem, is the sound card driver Registry damage

In general, it is a system problem; hardware-or it may be on the motherboard's integrated sound card shutdown (unless you previously set up the motherboard without authorization, this situation rarely occurs). It is recommended to find the corresponding driver to install!

If the system back up, you can consider restore; there are CD-ROM and system disk, reload system to try; If there is no optical drive, CD-ROM, you can install the system with a virtual CD drive and a CD-ROM image file-This installation method is only to replace your C-disk files and will not affect The problem can be solved basically.

If it's a sound card problem, go to Device Manager and see if there's a yellow question mark, just press the following

1. First, determine your motherboard model number.

2. Find the manufacturer of the motherboard and download the sound card driver of the corresponding motherboard.

3. Installation drive After the general download of the drive after decompression is divided into two types:

One. It's a fool type, just like a normal software.

Two. Overlay to cover it to your corresponding driver and then click on your "Device Manager" to select "Update Driver" on the European yellow exclamation mark is gone. (As for the area covered by the system but probably the same location in the c/windows/system32/drivers directly covered (may have no additional to build a new folder) if the inside a new folder is covered in the corresponding sound card driver (Realtek) folder inside)

--trust your foreign language skills to help you find the appropriate cover folder

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