Driving Life 6 teaches you how to manage your computer drive.

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Graphics driver, sound card driver, wireless network card driver, camera driver ... A lot of drivers, do you think you don't know how to manage? When driving life 6 detects several drivers that need to be updated, do you not know which to update first? The following small series will tell you how to use the driving life 6来 to manage your computer drive.

As long as you open the drive life, it will automatically to your computer driver testing, if you detect the need to update the driver, it will be displayed in the test results. Therefore, you want to know if your computer driver is running normally, the first test on the home page can be completed.

In the driving life of 6 of the local driver paging, divided into recommended driving and the latest driver. The recommended drive is the driver of life, the official priority recommended to the user computer driver, not necessarily the latest version. The recommended driver is the one that drives life's official recommendation that it is best for your computer. The driver here is suitable for users who don't know much about computer drivers, and you can fully trust the driver of your life to recommend the right driver for your computer. The latest driver is to provide some optional drivers for users to choose from, with the latest version. That is, as long as your computer driver has the latest version, driving life will be in the latest driver to give you a hint, update or not, by your own choice. The latest driving plate is suitable for users with higher requirements for computer drivers. But the warm hint, the driver is not the latest version is the best, the most suitable for the computer's driver is the best, so long as the computer can operate normally, do not recommend constantly updated computer drivers.

Drive Life 6 There is a key to update the functionality of the driver, but because some drivers will need to restart the computer after the update is complete, this will cause one-click updates to not complete, and may cause problems with the computer. So choose to manually update the driver comparison insurance, which will derive another problem, so many drivers, I first update Which? in what order? Small knitting here tells you that the update driver can be updated in the following order, motherboard chipset-driven (some notebook chipset drivers are integrated in the graphics driver, Can directly install the video card driver, video card driver, sound card driver, network card driver (including Ethernet adapter driver and wireless card driver), Touch Pad driver, shortcut key driver, reader drive, Bluetooth drive, built-in camera driver. In this order to update the driver, the computer will not be due to the error of the operation of the problem.

The mobile devices that are currently plugged into your computer are displayed in a peripheral driver that drives 6 of your life, giving you an unobstructed glance. As long as your computer has access to mobile devices, driving life will automatically detect, and to your computer automatically match the peripheral driver. So the peripheral driver can manage the computer access to the mobile device driver very well.

For driver backup, uninstall, restore, and so on, you can operate on the drive management paging. You must back up the drive before you uninstall the drive, and you can set up a storage path to drive downloads and backups in the view backup settings.

As long as you put your computer to drive life to manage the drive, drive life will be properly managed for you.

Since then, computer drivers are no longer just professionals can play the High-tech!

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