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Let's first experience the universal drive download process:

After nearly half an hour of effort, and finally to nearly 100M Universal graphics driver download down, then driver several drivers listed in front of us, in the face of so many drivers, small series can not start.

Figure 10,000 can drive the download, compression package in a variety of drivers, will be confused at a loss!

Small weave had to in confused open an EXE file, to install.

Figure 2, driver installation program, full screen of the English interface

After halfway through the 6 choices, and after nearly 7 minutes of installation, small knitting computer graphics driver is also finally installed on the small. However, such as small weave so lucky users in a few, that is not possible to install other hardware is not their own drive, then users have only a cup.

Next, let's look at the pros and cons of the universal driver.


Universal Drive sets a relatively many drives. If the driver can have a certain knowledge of the people. It is easy to choose to use. Download a large number of drivers at once. But it is also a number of small white users of the right-hand man, it can provide most common hardware drivers, small white users are all installed on the brain, it may be normal use of the computer.


The online universal drive is uneven, many kinds, also more messy, unsafe, not necessarily solve problems, luck, Drivers that can only provide part of the common hardware are hard to pick for their own. Many small white users do not know what should be installed, which should not be installed, the figure of a happy, one-time included in the useful useless drivers all installed, the system is occupied a lot of space, and may be useful equipment. It is not possible to use a driver that is not corresponding. It turns out that a lot of Households on the tangled tangle, the universal drive will be relatively old. A device that may be used normally will cause an exception if it is installed with an old or mismatched driver

Let's take a look at the installation process for driving management software such as driving life:

Figure 3 Driving the life main interface

After driving life, drive small series click on the Driver Update button, pop-up series of driver list

Click to start the update, just a few minutes, the driver is fully installed up, but also to reduce the number of manual installation drive required to select the steps.

Through this experience, small series summed up the experience, using driver life to install the driver comparison Universal driver benefits:

1, driving life than Universal drive the biggest advantage is that the driving classification of clear, accurate to provide driver download, the vast number of drive library reserves of course can support more hardware equipment.

2, Driving life intelligent installation is driven by a key to install a key update, compared to the universal drive, can save a lot of choice of steps

3, driving life can automatically detect hardware, through the Internet link to drive the life of the driver library to download and its own hardware matching drivers, but also in advance to the driver backup to prevent the official supply of the driver is incompatible with the system, and so on, if the universal drive can be imagined, loaded with the driver cover the previous drive, the results are incompatible , it's a complete cup.

Summary: Single-from-drive aspects, universal drive for the complete lack of driver concept of the user is more practical, it can put all the drivers into your computer, of course, or more dangerous is the universal driver in the installation will not use the driver also loaded into your computer, this is a very troublesome problem. Driving life is targeted to install, update, the user needs of the driver.

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