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All Seo personnel know that "content is king, external chain is King" is our constant topic. How many new friends are sending a large number of external links each day for pseudo-original purposes, but the results are not ideal. After a long visit to A5, you will find that many bosses encourage originalityArticleInstead of blindly sending external links, in fact, the effect of sending original posts is much better than leaving links in random posts. This is also verified by many veteran figures.
Many people may ask how easy it is to write original articles. It is difficult to write original articles without any cultural literacy. In fact, originality is derived from life. Everyday eating, drinking, drinking, and sleeping are original resources. It is an original article.
Today I will talk about how to use Weibo to write original articles.
There are a lot of resources on Weibo for writing original articles. It depends on whether you have a good eye for discovery.
Taking me as an example, I am working on a movie website, and I want to write an original article, it must be related to a movie. Recently, "1942" is coming soon, so I will search 1942 on Weibo.
The basic principle is to find the relevant article, and then re-process the article to write an article according to your own understanding.

It can be summarized, expanded, or re-organized.

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