"Dry goods sharing" three major losses

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In fact, the purpose of writing this article, a lot of it is in sarcasm, ridicule what? Our SEO training industry is in full swing, SEO industry is tepid, pay more pathetic, even say, our SEO industry is deteriorating (because of the reasons for Baidu succession adjustment, Also because a lot of webmaster and seoer own cheating behavior, and of course, our Spartan, this year the SEO industry has been not a small impact. Now many training are very like to say that they have dry goods to share, what is dry goods? refers to the specific operation of the program, can be effective and reliable to help students improve their site rankings.

When I say this, I'm going to mention something very interesting. Our Network marketing industry predecessors, if we have concerns, all know that there is a call Wang Tong, out of the book, oneself also do a good job, and then the time ago in his microblog to see a very funny news. Have a engage in SEO, Network marketing training, Zooey harassment Wang Tong, let him go to class, Wang Tong finally unbearable, burst expected: You ya a even micro bo no person, you go to people training microblogging marketing, you are funny? Through this thing we can easily see now this SEO, Network marketing training industry Confusion, All kinds of people do not have the moral character jumped on the stage, the show, really don't say, others can be fooled to a large number of students, the training is getting better. I believe a lot of reader will ask, you are not saying that these people are not the moral integrity of the man? Yes, they're a bluff, and the point is, what are they using? It's easy to steal from someone else! Have you ever seen a person attend a training course that costs a couple of money? Speaking of here, I believe we all understand, the so-called dry goods sharing, the first big loss, It's right here.

"Text outside the chain, now Baidu can also identify to your keyword weighting weight, I have done experiments, this is true." "In the face of such a passage, my friends, are you a letter or a letter?" He said he really experimented, really, he said it was true, more than real gold, you believe it? His students also said that he had tried, indeed. Do you believe this at this time? There is another person to jump out and say, this thing is certain, I have tried, really useful. This time, friends, don't say you do not believe, even if I was at that time, I will also believe (is not that this story is very familiar, all men say, we have seen this idiom story, it will be obvious to find the problem). So now how to ask, do experiments, how an experiment, can prove that the initial conclusion of this paragraph is a certain correctness? First of all, we generally think that the ranking of the site, is the content of the chain together with the results of the role. So if you want to prove that a certain type of chain is helpful for ranking, should be excluded from other conditions of interference (may have friends ask, why not the other conditions are set in a horizontal line, I am sorry to tell you, even if the same content, you can guarantee the different two sites will be included? Even the same outer chain, Can you guarantee that two different websites will be consistent? In fact, completely excluding interference from other conditions (that is, the pilot phase, no content updates, in addition to the text of the chain, to eliminate all outside the chain, at the same time, in order to maintain the reliability of the results, we need a number of samples (don't say you only use a website to do experiments AH pro, which test a sample can fully prove the conclusion?), It is also the same to discard other conditions, then there are problems, between the site and the site, you determine the initial conditions are the same? Are you sure that other conditions (such as site domain names, server differences, and even code or Web site structures) can affect the correctness of this test? Well, actually, The condition of the analysis is too simple, and if our nuclear scientists do this experiment, our Earth estimates are long gone. There is no such person to spit the so-called dry goods sharing the second largest loss.

I do not know if you see Eric nets and tiger sniffing nets, the comments of the two sites to tell the truth, very exciting, not how personal feelings, but most of the netizens feel so. Speaking of this How not to say that last night cloth shoes let me share the skills of A5 (ashamed, I really can not say a Kaniko to), and then I suggest you think of some information comments, try not to look at the article with the Tiger Sniff, why? Must have reader asked, you just also praised their article good, Why are you turning your back on me now? In fact, because they write well, the offensive is strong, very able to mobilize your thinking, and then the problem comes out, you will find that you have seen them after these articles, for the same topic, think about is their article idea, write to write is a miserable false original ( Stolen ideas, but also the lack of the level of theft, and how to spit the dry goods to share the third loss of the same way: limited thinking. The so-called dry goods sharing, is called you here should do so, where should do so, the assembly line, each product is like that. This kind of thing, to a large extent, will limit the student's thinking, and the temptation to guide the students in the way of thinking completely in accordance with the design of the training party model. Thinking aggression has wood? Habitual aggression has wood? Well, that's a bit heavy, but in the way, if you can think more through your own thinking, of course, there are exchanges with others. Remember, it is communication, not indoctrination, communication, research, and complementarity. Such growth, compared to the pipeline out of bricks, should be, more valuable, not only for the students themselves, but also for the SEO industry.

Okay, today's the slot. So far, personal humble opinion, welcome to Pat Bricks.

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