DSP: CCS V6 uses the printf function, ccstms320f2812

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DSP: CCS V6 uses the printf function, ccstms320f2812

Use Code Composer Studio Version: to create the 2017121.000 project.

1/* 2 * main. c3 */4 # include <stdio. h> 5 6 int main (void) {7 printf ("Hello DSP! \ R \ n "); 8 return 0; 9}

I have added the printf function and want to test it. Then, an error occurs during compilation.

1 # 10099-D </a> program will not fit into available memory. placement with alignment/blocking fails for section ". text "size 0x1be0 page 0. available memory ranges: 2812_RAM_lnk.cmd/2812 Test line 86 C/C ++ Problem

For more information, adjust the size of-stack and-heap, and select rts2800_ml.lib instead of rts2800.lib. However, the modified-stack and-heap are invalid.

Changing the Project Library file to rts2800_ml.lib is also invalid. Finally, under Project-Properties-Build-Advanced Options-Library Function Assumptions, select minimal for Level of printf/scanf support required (-- printf_support, for example. Compiled.


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