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Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3

I. Installation and preparation

1. Java SDK 1.6.0_13

2, PostgreSQL 8.3.7-1

3, Apache Ant 1.7.1

4. Apache Maven 2.0.10

5, Apache Tomcat 6.0.18

6, Winwebmail

Second, configure the environment

1, the Java environment configuration:

2, Ant environment Configuration:

Third, installation steps

1, download and extract DSpace source code (HTTP://SOURCEFORGE.NET/PROJECTS/DSPACE), I use the DSpace 1.5.2

Software Requirements

1 JDK 1.4. Of course j2se5.0 is better. To make ant work properly, you must set up Java_home.

2 PostgreSQL 8.x under Windows platform. This is for DSpace to use.   You must ensure that the ODBC+JDBC selection is selected. First of all, PG8.0 in the Window of the database directory is the best NTFS format, if it is FAT32, you need to manually initdb.   Install the first to create a user, the general default is Postgres, and then I was FAT32, removed the hook, skip the data initialization. After installation, then enter the Dos, input runas/user:postgres cmd switch user, go to PostgreSQL's Bin directory, input initdb--no-locale-d "F:\PostgreSQL\8.0 \data "-L" F:\PostgreSQL\8.0\share "
If successful, show

Success. The can now start the database server using:

Postmaster-d "F:/postgresql/8.0/data"

or pg_ctl-d "F:/postgresql/8.0/data"-l logfile Start
Finally, start service in the starting menu, PostgreSQL started. Operation Pgadmin III
3 Apache Ant 1.6.x. Must be carefully installed. For example, I unpacked it in c:/. Under Then I have to set the C:/apache-ant-1.6.2/bin in path. 4 Jakarta Tomcat 5.x.

Installation steps


2 Download the two files Dsrun.bat and Buildpath.bat and put them under the Dspace-source/bin directory. 3 copy jdbc in PostgreSQL to the DSpace directory, for example: Postgresql-8.2-yyy.jdbc2.jar under C:/Program files/postgresql/8.x/jdbc/. Copy of the directory for Dspace-source/lib

4 Ensure that the PostgreSQL service is running and then start Pgadmin lll (start->postgresql8.x-> pgadmin). Try to log in with the "postgres" user.

A Create a login account and password: User:dspace password:dspace

B Create a database. Name: DSpace owner: DSpace code: Utf-8

5 Update the path in DSPACE-SOUR/CONFIG/DSPACE.CFG Note: The delimiter in the path is "/".

Dspace.dir = C:/dspace

6 Create a DSpace installation directory. (actually is the Dspace source code decompression directory) For example: C:/dspace

7 go to the installation directory and run Ant Fresh_install

8 Create an administrator account. For example. If your dspace is installed in the "C:/dspace" directory. Then you need to create the following:

C:/dspace/bin/dsrun Org.dspace.administer.CreateAdministrator

Then enter the information you want.

9 Copy the. war file under Dspace-source/build directory to Tomcat's WebApps directory. For example:

C:/Program Files/apache Software Foundation/tomcat 5.5/webapps

10 Start Tomcat Service

11 Open the browser. Enter the Http://localhost:8080/dspace. You will see DSpace's homepage

Second, installation steps

2. Start PostgreSQL service, run Pgadmin III (start-> PostgreSQL 8.3-> III). Connect the local database with the Postgres account,
A. Create a ' Login role ' user with a username and password of "DSpace".
B. Establishment of a database belonging to the DSpace user with the name "DSpace" and the encoded format "UTF-8".
3. Modify DSPACE.CFG configuration file, the path is: [Dspace-source]/dspace/config/dspace.cfg
Modify the following properties according to your business requirements:
Dspace.dir = D:/dspace
Mail.server = hgs-svr-002.hgs.com
Mail.from.address = linys@hgs.com
Feedback.recipient = linys@hgs.com
Mail.admin = linys@hgs.com
The above several email addresses can be different.
4. Create a DSpace installation directory (for example: D:/dspace)
5. In [dspace-source]/dspace/directory, using Command Line window (CMD) to generate DSpace installation package
MVN Package
Note #1: Installation packages are generated in the [dspace-source]/dspace/target/dspace-[version]-build.dir/directory
Note #2: DSpace The default installation package is a PostgreSQL database, if you want to use the Oracle Database command to
Mvn-ddb.name=oracle Package
6. Initialize the DSpace database and install DSpace to [DSpace] (d:/dspace), in your [dspace-source]/dspace/target/dspace-[version]-build.dir/ Run cmd under directory
Ant Fresh_install
7. Set up an admin account to run cmd in your [Dspace]/bin (d:/dspace/bin) directory
Dsrun Org.dspace.administer.CreateAdministrator
Enter information according to the prompts
8. Copy the WebApps project in the [DSpace] directory to the directory of Tomcat with the same name (for example: D:/program Files/apache-tomcat-6.0.16/webapps)
9. Start Tomcat service.
10. Enter Http://localhost:8080/jspui or Http://localhost:8080/xmlui in the browser

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