Dual-channel memory 16G faster than single channel 16G

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Why are we testing the speed of the two slots?

In the computer chassis inside the accessories, the heat is the largest CPU and graphics card, usually, we will insert the graphics card closest to the CPU of the PCI-E X16 slot,

This situation will make the maximum calorific value of the two parts CPU and video card distance closer, will affect each other heat dissipation. If the use of water cooling is good, but if the use of a larger air-cooled radiator, then the radiator will be very close to the graphics card, to know the graphics card on the back of the GPU heating is also relatively high, the thermal interference between the two will be more obvious. If the motherboard has 2 or even multiple pci-e X16 slots, it will not be possible to think of it: if the video card from the slot closer to the CPU (PCI-E X16) into the distance from the CPU slot (Pci-e X8), the cooling effect will be better?

But to be aware of the current mainstream Z170 and B150 motherboards, the main board is usually equipped with only one PCI-E X16 slot, while the other two are generally X8 or X4 is difficult to achieve X16, then play the game, or the application, whether the video card will be because of X16 into the X8 resulting in a gap ?

Test platform Introduction and test method description

The 6 generation of core I series Cpu-core i7-6700,14nm process new Architecture (Skylake), four cores eight threads, frequency reaches 4.0-ghz.

This test hardware family portrait.

You can see that the CPU heatsink in the motherboard used in this test is relatively close to the video card and the heat dissipation will affect each other.

Test Platform Configuration Overview

The purpose of this test is to keep all configuration and game settings unchanged, as far as possible the outstanding slots pci-e X16 and slot pci-e X8 contrast results.

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