Dual-machine solutions for IBM in Linux

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Cluster system is an effective way to provide high availability, improve performance, and enhance the manageability of enterprise application software. As Intel-based servers have become the mainstream servers for key services and applications, cluster technology is also widely used.

A cluster is a group of computer systems that provide network resources to clients. Every computer providing services is called a node. When a node is unavailable or cannot process a customer's request, the request is forwarded to another available node for processing, it does not have to worry about the specific location of the resources to be used at all, and the cluster system automatically completes.
In the dual-host solution of Linux, xSeries uses two identical xSeries servers and EXP400 shared memory cabinets. The dual-host software uses the Steeleye Lifekeeper for Linux.

The benefits of the IBM dual-host solution are:

High Availability: x445 servers use high-reliability components and many redundant components to ensure the high availability of a single server. Lifekeeper provides high availability for mainstream applications without interfering with application operations, no need to modify the application. it can automatically detect application or server faults and quickly restart them on the slave server. Users can only experience instant service suspension.

High Performance: x445 supports 16-way high-speed Intel Xeon MP processors. It adopts the second generation EXA design to ensure the high performance of the entire system and the demand for on-demand scalability.

The open application protection mechanism allows you to protect your applications.

LifeKeeper provides an intuitive Java-based graphical interface for cross-platform configuration, management, and status monitoring. It also includes a complete command line interface.

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