Dual system: Win under Install ubuntu14.04.1

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A Before downloading the Ubuntu installation package, be sure to determine whether it is 64-bit or 32-bit , this is very important, because some of the necessary software under the Linux system only 32 bits, be sure to note (for example, inode!! ). In general, Deb or i386 format is 32-bit, x86_64 is 64-bit.

Two It is said that version 13.04 is incompatible with Eclipse and the menu bar disappears.

three. Detailed process: http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/e4d08ffdace06e0fd2f60d39.html

Four Menu.lst file, the path must be the path of the ISO you download . Files must be written on the Internet more than a few, because some will appear to find the source file, as long as a change menu.lst can be resolved.

Five Disk partitioning must be as large as possible!!! Because you also need to install other software (such as Eclipse), the disk partition is smaller, it will be more troublesome, suggest to look at the suggestions of online predecessors.

Six If you need to uninstall Ubuntu version, please uninstall it carefully!!


  Remember, you can not delete anything directly in the C drive, otherwise it will cause the power not to boot!

Seven. If you remove the Ubuntu version, the emergence of grep rescue can not boot, do a WinPE USB flash drive, the boot press the DELETE key into the BIOS interface, will be set to boot from the USB stick into the WinPE system, with the repair software to repair the C drive. WinPE:http://www.ushendu.cn/usdPE/, sometimes after entering WinPE will not recognize the hard drive situation, the need to enter the BIOS interface, The value of this entry for SATA Controller Mode option is changed from the AHCI interface to the IDE interface or compatible.

Dual system: Win under Install ubuntu14.04.1

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