Dubbo Summary (iii)--DUBBO Introduction and project Creation

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The currently used framework is the SSH or SSM framework, and I chose the SPRINGMVC Spring and MyBatis Framework on the Java EE framework. MySQL is used in the database. Use maven and Git for project management.

Node role Description:
Provider: Service provider for exposing services
Consumer: Invoking a service consumer of a remote service
Registry: Registration Center for service Registration and discovery
Monitor: The monitoring Center for the number of calls and call times of the statistics service
Container: Service Run container

Call Relationship Description:
0. The service container is responsible for starting, loading, and running the service provider.
1. Upon launch, the service provider registers its services with the registry.
2. When the service consumer starts, it subscribes to the registration center for the services it needs.
3. The registry returns the service provider address list to the consumer, and if there is a change, the registry will push the change data to the consumer based on a long connection.
4. Service consumers, from the provider address list, based on the soft load equalization algorithm, select a provider to make the call, if the call fails,
Then choose another call.
5. Service consumers and providers, the cumulative number of calls in memory and call time, timed to send statistics every minute to the monitoring center.

Engineering Structure:

Test-parent Parent Project

Test-facade-user User Service Interface

Test-serviceuser User Service Interface implementation

Test-web Service Consumers

The code is uploaded later in the attachment

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Dubbo Summary (iii)--DUBBO Introduction and project Creation

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