DUBBO+SPRINGMVC Distributed Framework Integration

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Jeesz-Driven Project construction

Built-in efficient and reliable code generator

Support a variety of data models, based on database tables to generate regular repetitive code, so that research and development engineers focus on the implementation of business logic code, greatly improve their work efficiency, free of repetitive work


Open source Standardization Project management solution, realize the software pipelining production, guarantee the correctness, the reliability

Guided creation, import of projects, integrated version control (GIT/SVN), project Management (trac/redmine), Code quality (Sonar), continuous integration (Jenkins)

Private deployment, unified management, for developers

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Jeesz UI


Simple, intuitive, and powerful, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS frameworks for developing responsive layouts, mobile device-first WEB projects.

Designed for all developers, all application scenarios.

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Distributed services: Dubbo+zookeeper+proxy+restful

Distributed message Middleware: Kafka+flume+zookeeper

Distributed cache: Redis Distributed files: Fastdfs

Load balancing: Keepalived+nginx+proxy (triple load)

Cloud Services

SUBSYSTEM: Backend management system, RESTFU service System, Dubbo Service/control/monitoring Center

Zookeeper Registration Center, Report analysis system, logging system, timing dispatch system

Search engine system, Distributed File system, message system, SSO Single sign-on system

SOA control platform, UI component system, OA Office System, CMS press release system

Payment system, database configuration system, Workflow system, cloud service platform

You are welcome to study the relevant technology together

Willing to understand the framework of technology or source of friends directly seeking exchange sharing technology: 2042849237

Some of the distributed solutions, the friends who are willing to know can find our team to discuss
More detailed source code reference: Http://minglisoft.cn/technology

DUBBO+SPRINGMVC Distributed Framework Integration

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