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The transfer control file must be in the state of the database open (open) or mount (Mount).

1. Connecting to the database

E:\>sqlplus "/As SYSDBA"

Sql*plus:release on Friday May 14 08:52:03 2004

Copyright (c) 1982, 2002, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

Connect to:

Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release

With the partitioning, OLAP and Oracle Data Mining options

Jserver Release

2. Determine the directory of the trace file:

Sys@test_lunar> Show parameter Dump


------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------

Background_core_dump string Partial

Background_dump_dest string E:\oracle\admin\test\bdump

Core_dump_dest string E:\oracle\admin\test\cdump

Max_dump_file_size String Unlimited

Shadow_core_dump string Partial

User_dump_dest string E:\oracle\admin\test\udump


Sys@test_lunar> host dir E:\oracle\admin\test\udump

The volume in drive E is ORACLE

The serial number of the volume is 707a-c50c

E:\oracle\admin\test\udump's Directory

2002-01-13 21:59 <DIR>.

2002-01-13 21:59 <DIR>.

0 Files 0 bytes

2 Directory 2,444,267,520 Free bytes

3. Dump control file Header

Sys@test_lunar> alter session SET events ' immediate trace name Controlf Level 1 ';

The session has changed.

Sys@test_lunar> host dir E:\oracle\admin\test\udump

The volume in drive E is ORACLE

The serial number of the volume is 707a-c50c

E:\oracle\admin\test\udump's Directory

2002-01-13 21:59 <DIR>.

2002-01-13 21:59 <DIR>.

2004-05-14 09:06 949 TEST_ORA_1364.TRC

1 files 949 bytes

2 Directory 2,444,263,424 Free bytes


4. Read the Dump control file header (level 1) information

The following are the contents of the TEST_ORA_1364.TRC (a total of 23 lines):

(1) Dump file e:\oracle\admin\test\udump\test_ora_1364.trc

(2) Fri May 14 09:06:10 2004

To create a timestamp for a trace file

(3) ORACLE v9. vsnsta=0

The current version of the database is V9.

Note: The difference from (18) entries

(4) vsnsql=12 vsnxtr=3???

(5) Windows Version 5.0 Service Pack 4, CPU type 586

Current OS Information

(6) oracle9i Enterprise Edition release

(7) With the partitioning, OLAP and Oracle Data Mining options

(8) Jserver release

(9) Windows Version 5.0 Service Pack 4, CPU type 586

(a) Instance name:test

Instance name is test

(one) Redo thread mounted by this instance:1

This means that this is a single-instance database where the current thread is loaded by instance 1

() Oracle Process number:13

The current number of Oracle processes is 13, which is the same as the result of the select COUNT (*) from v$process:

Sys@test_lunar> Select COUNT (*) from v$process;





(a) Windows thread id:1364, image:oracle. Exe

This information reflects the information in the executable section of the foreground process, noting that Oracle runs as a ORACLE.EXE process on the Windows platform. So, the executable part of the foreground process here is: ORACLE.EXE; the thread number to create the trace file is 1364 (decimal).

If you are in Unix, this part of the information is similar to the following information:

Image: $1$dua41:[v8root. Rdbms]sqlplus. Exe;8

That is, the trace file was created by the foreground process SQLPLUS.EXE, and its operating system process number (PID) is 8

(14) * * * 2004-05-14 09:06:10.000

To create a timestamp for a trace file

() * * * Session ID: (10.9) 2004-05-14 09:06:10.000

Create the SID and serial# for the session of the control file, in this case, the SID is 10,serial# is 9, which can be seen in the V$session view.

Sys@test_lunar> Select sid,serial#, username from v$session;


---------- ---------- ------------------------------

1 1

2 1

3 1

4 1

5 1

6 1

7 1

8 1

9 1


10 rows have been selected.


() DUMP of Control FILES, Seq # 2929 = 0xb71

Description This is a dump of control files, Seq #是控制文件的序列号, which means controlling the number of updates to a file, or it can be considered a version of the control file. 2929 is represented by the 10 binary, 0xb71 is represented in hexadecimal. (This line of information is the same as the information given in line 21)

The following is the common file header (generic file header) information *************

Common file header information for all data files in the database, control files and log files should be the same.


(km) Software vsn=153092096=0x9200000, Compatibility vsn=134217728=0x8000000

Indicates the version of Oracle when the control file was created, this is 0x9200000, that is, 9.2.0.

Compatibility Vsn points out that the compatible version is 0x8000000, that is, 8.0.

Note: The difference from (3) entries

DB id=1750352942=0x6854442e, DB name= ' TEST1 '

DB ID is the database identification number, Oracle based on the database creation time and database name according to a certain algorithm; Db name is the database name, in this case the database name is TEST1.

(a) Activation id=0=0x0

Control seq=2929=0xb71, File Size=228=0xe4

Control seq with 16 lines of information meaning;

File size indicates the physical size of the control file, which is in blocks,

That is, the actual size of the control file =file the value of size * data block (db_block_size)

File number=0, blksiz=8192, File type=1 control

The file number of the control file is 0, and the type is 1;

The blksiz corresponds to the size of the operating system block and is 8192K on the Windows platform

(if it is a Unix operating system, the value of Blksiz is 512)???

Generic file header End ****************************

* * * End of DUMP * * * * * *

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