Dynamic cache in Thinkphp (S method) and fast cache (F method), thinkphp_php tutorial

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Dynamic cache in Thinkphp (S method) and fast cache (F method), thinkphp

The system is cached by default, and we can define other caching methods in the project configuration file, for example, modify the default cache mode to XCache (of course, your environment needs to support XCache)

For cache directories under file-mode caching, where there is a large number of file problems due to too much cache data, thinkphp also gives a solution to how the Hashits directory cache can be enabled.

' Data_cache_subdir ' =>true

You can also set the hierarchy of hash directories, such as

' Data_path_level ' =>2

You can automatically create multi-tier subdirectories to cache based on the hash of the cache identity.

The S method supports cache expiration, in many cases we may not need the concept of expiration, or the use of file-like caching to meet the requirements, so the system also provides a quick caching method specifically for file methods F method.The F method can only be used to cache simple data types and does not support expiration and cache objects, use the following:

Cache data quickly, saved by default in the Data_path directory
F (' data ', $data);
Cache data quickly and save to the specified directory
F (' Data ', $data, Temp_path);
F (' User/data ', $data);
Delete cached data
F (' data ', NULL);
Get Cached data
$data =f (' data ');

Configuration file config.php

Dynamic cache, cache file exists in \runtime\temp
' Data_cache_type ' = ' file ',
' Data_cache_time ' = ' 3600 ',
' Data_cache_subdir ' =>true,//open sub-directory
' Data_cache_level ' =>3,//sets the hierarchy of subdirectories

Action file:

Function view () {
$cache =cache::getinstance (' cache mode ', ' cache parameters ');
$cache =cache::getinstance (' Xcache ', Array (' expire ' =>60));
$cache->set (' name ', ' value '), or $cache->name= ' value ';
$value = $cache->get (' name '), or $value= $cache->name;
$cache->rm (' name '), or unset ($cache->name);

S (' name ', ' data ', ' 3600 ', ' type ') cache shortcut method

$user =m (' Haodetong ');

$value =s (' list ');
if (empty ($value)) {
$list = $user->select ();

S (' list ', $list, 3600);
Echo ' This is a file read directly from the database ';
Dump ($list);
Echo ' This is the cache file ';
Dump ($value);


The first visit is as follows:

Once again refreshed as:

http://www.bkjia.com/PHPjc/1064068.html www.bkjia.com true http://www.bkjia.com/PHPjc/1064068.html techarticle thinkphp in the dynamic cache (s method) and fast cache (F method), the thinkphp system is the default cache mode is the file cache, we can define it in the project configuration file ...

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