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I recently looked at some things about linux shell. Occasionally, I found it online when I realized a dynamic clock on the terminal.

Http://blog.csdn.net/reage11/article/details/8586200 this blog can easily understand, But I carefully read his code, found that do not need to use the switch to determine the month, the greatness of the Linux Command has exceeded our imagination, therefore, I modify the Code as follows:

#!/bin/bashtput civiswhile [ 1 ]do   tput clear   tput cup 3 10   tput setb 0   tput setf 2   echo $(date "+%Y--%m--%d %H:%M:%S  %A")   sleep 1done

The original article is as follows:

    #!/bin/bash        tput civis      while [ 1 ]      do          nonth=$(date +%B)          case "$nonth" in              January)  nonth=1;;              February)  nonth=2;;              March)  nonth=3;;              April)  nonth=4;;              May)  nonth=5;;              June)  nonth=6;;              July)  nonth=7;;              August)  nonth=8;;              September)  nonth=9;;              October)  nonth=10;;              November)  nonth=11;;              December)  nonth=12;;          esac              tput clear              tput cup 3 10          echo $(date +%Y)--$nonth--$(date +%d) $(date +%H):$(date +%M):$(date +%S) $(date +%A)          sleep 1                 done  

Related Knowledge (copied from the above link ):

Tput command parameters:

Tput civis: used to hide the cursor

Tput cols: displays the current column

Tput lines: displays the current row

Tput cup lines cols: move the cursor to lines and cols

Tput setb no: Set the terminal background color. Value of no will be introduced later

Tput setf no: Set the text color. Value of no will be introduced later

Tput ed: Delete the content from the current cursor to the end of the row

Value of no:0:Black,1:Blue,2:Green, 3:Cyan,4:Red,5:Magenta,6:Yellow,7:White

For more information, see man tput.

Date Command Parameters

% H: hour (0 .. 23) % I: hour (01 .. 12) % M: minute (0 .. 59) % p: displays the local time period "Morning" or "Afternoon" % r: displays the time directly (in 12-hour format: hh: mm: ss [AP] M) % s: number of seconds from January 1, 1970 00:00:00 UTC till now % S: Second (00 .. 61) % X: equivalent to % H: % M: % S % a: day of the week (Mon .. sun) % A: The day of the week (Monday .. sunday) % B: Month (Jan .. dec) % B: Month (January .. december) % c: Display date and time % d: Day (01 .. 31) % D: Display date directly (mm/dd/yy) % j: day of the year (001 .. 366) % m: Month (01 .. 12) % x: Date (mm/dd/yy) % y: last two digits of the Year (00.99) % Y: complete year (0000 .. 9999)

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