Dynamic CRM 2013 Learning Notes (29) Reporting Service FAQ

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In the report development process, often encounter a variety of problems, such as the cannot be displayed. (rsprocessingaborted), there is no meaningful hint, there is a paging problem, often we want to put a record on one page, the next record on another page, rather than tightly connected to the back of the previous record; sometimes we also get the upload report times wrong: an error occurred while trying to add the report to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Try adding the report again. If This problem persists, the contact your system administrator, is also no hint. Here are some examples of how to solve these common mistakes.

First, Each piece of data does not appear on one page, and the next record's head is tightly attached to the previous recording

Sometimes you want each record to appear in one row, select the entire Tablix, and set the paging inside, no matter how:

In fact, the above settings are all lines before or after the page break. It should be set on the group:

The final effect, each page is a new record:

second, the Operation report error: The report cannot is displayed. (rsprocessingaborted)

This error is probably the most error that has occurred.

First check whether the table in the query statement does not start with filteredxxx;

Then check the permissions:

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio;

2. Expand security->logins;

3. Right-click the account running SQL Server Reporting service (e.g. PrivReportingGroup, ReportingGroup);

4. Select User mapping–> YOURORG_MSCRM database to specify the following permissions

Problem solving

Third, upload report error

Sometimes when uploading a report, this error is reported: An error occurred while trying to add the reports to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Try adding the report again. If This problem persists, contact your system administrator

In general, if the network is not a problem, the report itself is a problem, you can first run in the Reports builder, no problem before uploading

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Dynamic CRM 2013 Learning Notes (29) Reporting Service FAQ

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