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At Microsoft's Web 2.0 conference, officials began introducing "Jasper". In a game called "with Dynamic ADO." NET to quickly build data-driven Web pages, Microsoft officials began to explain how to use the concept of dynamic languages and ado.net to develop "data-driven Web pages", which are scalable even for the most complex databases. ”
Jasper is a series of extensions to the Microsoft Ado.net Entity framework. The Ado.net Entity Framework helps developers build data models in the database. Microsoft wants to use the entire Ado.net Entity framework as part of the visual Studio Orcas. Microsoft recently announced that the Ado.net Entity framework would not be canceled, and that it would appear as part of the Orcas upgrade not earlier than the first half of 2008.
Despite the postponement of the Ado.net Entity Framework, Microsoft released a pre-release community Technology Preview (CTP) version of Jasper Technology on April 30. "As the project team likes to say, we want to make the development experience fast and make messy database applications clean and fast." "Andrew Conrad, a member of Microsoft SQL Server team, said in the journal.
There is a connection between dynamic language and dynamic database development supported by Jasper. As Conrad explains: "For the CTP release, we aimed at visual Basic 9 (Orcas version of vb.net) and Iron Python 1.1." In other words, we have done a lot of testing for this language during the CTP release process. The fact is that any CLR language (IronRuby, Managed JavaScript) that supports late binding (post constraints) can be used in the Jasper schema. In the future, we are very interested in using dynamic Language Runtime (also published on MIX07) other features, such as the ability to instantly adjust types, which allows us to provide a richer experience. ”
There is also a link between Jasper and Astoria, Astoria is another incubator project built on the Ado.net Entity framework, which Microsoft released Ado.net Entity Framework earlier this week at the mix ' 07 conference.
"Wary readers may notice that in some areas, Jasper and Astoria can be well combined," he said. Don't worry-we're starting to think like this, but as always, we welcome any feedback. "Microsoft's Conrad said in the journal.
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