Dynamic multipoint VPN for IPV6

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According to Cisco technology configuration requirements, this time using the 7206 router Advanced Enterprise version of iOS

Configuration process

1. Configure Network

A, configure the routing environment to ensure the interoperability of IPv4 routing items

IP Route

IP Route

IP Route

b, only after the configuration completes the default route, then the IPv6 environment can be successfully started configuration

Key commands:

Ipv6-unicast routing//enable IPv6 routing, which is the basic command,

IPv6 cef//enable IPv6 fast forwarding

2. Configure Crypto ISAKMP policy

3. Configure Keyring

Crypto keyring xxxx

Pre-shared-key address IPv6::/0 key xxxx

4. Configure ISAKMP Profile

Crypto ISAKMP profile xxxx

Keyring xxxx

Match ID Address IPv6::/0

5. Configure Crypto IPSec Transform-set

6. Configure Crypto IPSec profile

7. Configure interface Tunnel (IPv4 NhRP and IPv6 nhrp, Mgre)

Key parameters:

IPv6 NhRP Multicast dynamic

IPv6 MTU xxxx//General set to 1400, must have otherwise will cause tunnel fault

IPv6 NhRP Shortcut//When a request is made to a remote target, a quick forward is made if there is an entry in the NHRP cache.

IPv6 NhRP Redirect//allow spoke redirection via NHRP

IPv6 address//Set two IPv6 addresses, one for global unicast addresses, one for link-local addresses

CONFIG-IF) #ipv6 enable//IPv6 on interface

Hub Tunnel Configuration

8. Configure IPv6 router

Enable IPv6 dynamic routing protocol on an interface (if you are unfamiliar with IPv6 routing, or you must learn first, then configure this technique)

Config) #interface Tunnel 0

CONFIG-IF) #ipv6 OSPF network broadcast//configuration of OSPF in interface mode configured as broadcast on the hub

CONFIG-IF) #ipv6 OSPF priority 10//In interface mode configure OSPF to configure priority 10 on the hub to ensure that the OSPF broadcast network becomes DR

config-if) #ipv6 OSPF priority 0//In interface mode configuration OSPF is configured with priority 0 on spoke, ensuring that the OSPF broadcast network does not participate in the election, becomes drother, and guarantees that the network route entries are normal.

9.show result

View IPv6 OSPF neighbor situation, everything is OK

View IPv6 routing table, routing full pass

See Dmvpn Setup, everything's fine.

View IPv6 NhRP entries, everything is OK, at the same time you can see spoke and spoke have established a dynamic path, you can directly communicate, reduce the hub load.

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