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-- Author: Apsara Xia
-- Release Date: 1:08:52 -- runtime error record and solution (Mobile Network) 1. Question: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8 'has a missing object: 'UserSession.doc umentElement '/bbs/inc/Dv_ClsMain.asp. This error occurs after SP1 is upgraded on line 518 !! Where is the problem? A: Try to update the server cache in the upgrade package. 2. Q: but the following error occurs during forum user group (level) Management: Microsoft VBScript runtime error: '800a01f1' variable undefined: 'loadgroupetting'/copyunion/admin/group. asp, row 410 A: this is an error in writing. Change the error row to Dvbbs. loadGroupSetting. this error will be corrected later. 3. Q: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8 'object required: 'XmlAds.doc umentElement'/inc/dv_clsother.asp, line 188 what is the error? A: Check the version of Msxml on your server. If you cannot find the version, change the following part of the conn. asp file in descending order until it runs properly. (Note: Each modification must update the server cache.) \ 'the maximum version is. 4.0: Const MsxmlVersion = ". 3.0 "Const MsxmlVersion = ". 2.6 "Minimum Version Const MsxmlVersion = ""
Const MsxmlVersion = ". 3.0" 4. Q: Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80040e57 'field is too small to accept the number of data to be added. Try to insert or paste less data. /Bbs/inc/Dv_ClsMain.asp, row 1287 answer: remove the small double quotation marks in front of this line, and then look at the result \ 'response. write command & "<br>" 5. Q: When the upgrade is in progress, the following error occurs: Microsoft JET Database Engine error '000000' because you and other users attempt to change the same data at the same time, this causes the Microsoft Jet Database Engine to stop the process. /Dvbbs/up/update. asp, row 193 cannot continue to upgrade a: Please close the Forum before upgrading, and all the programs that are using the Forum database 6. Q: microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d' Type Mismatch: 'date'/bbs/BokeManage. asp, row 332 answer: Put BokeManage. row 332 of asp: P_DDateTime = Cdate (FormatDateTime (Now (), 1) & FormatDateTime (Now (), 3) changed to: P_DDateTime = Now () 7. Q: microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01b6 'object does not support this attribute or method: 'checkcache'/admin/inc/const. asp, Line 29 answer: You need to replace the admin directory file in sp1 with your original background file directory. 8. Q: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8 'missing object: 'UserSession.doc umentElement. selectSingleNode (...) '/bbs/inc/Dv_ClsMain.asp, row 584 answer: Re-upload guest in the inc directory. try the xml file 9. Q: The Microsoft JET Database Engine error '123' record is deleted. /Inc/Dv_ClsMain.asp, row 1287 A: use the Access software to fix the compressed Database 10. Q: The Active Server Pages error 'asp 0240 'Script Engine exception/mszx71sp1/index. asp A ScriptEngine exceeds expectation 'c000000' in 'iactivescript: GetScriptState () ', from 'cactivescriptengine: ReuseEngine ()'. A: It should be a question about the server engine. Try to reinstall IIS11 on the server. Q: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01f1' variable undefined: 'replace _ a'/inc/dv_ubbcode.asp, row 858 answer: Please wait for official Patch 11 and ask: microsoft VBScript compiler error: '800a03f6 'missing 'end'/iisHelp/common/500-100.asp, row 242 Microsoft JET Database Engine error '20180101' Microsoft JET Database Engine error '20180101' record deleted. /Bbs/inc/Dv_ClsMain.asp, row 1287 A: use the Access software to fix the compressed database. Q: Boke problem. The following prompt appears when connecting: microsoft JET Database Engine error '80040e37' Microsoft Jet Database Engine cannot find the input table or query 'DV _ boke_user '. Check whether it exists and whether its name is correctly spelled. /Boke/Cls_Main.asp, row 91 answer: Have you specified a non-independent database for boke? 13. Q: The Active Server Pages error 'asp 0131 'does not allow the parent path/bbs110/Admin/index. asp, line 1 contains the file '.. /Conn. asp 'unusable '.. 'indicates the parent directory. A: You are using the 2003 system. Set the parent path to be allowed.

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