Dynamic River Simulation

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Many of my friends are foreign 3D modeling software for modeling. On the basis of modeling, 3D GIS simulation and development are carried out. However, this kind of 3D model is built by professional modeling software, only one static 3D model cannot be used for dynamic interaction.

The author uses VC ++ 6.0 + OpenGL to simulate the construction of a three-dimensional geological body by reading the coordinate of discrete data points and applying the Dirichlet modeling method, based on the three-dimensional geological mass, it is cut on an infinitely large plane, and the cutting point obtained by the cutting is modeled twice by using the Dirichlet modeling method to form a river surface.

This example is only for the demo version. In practical application, you can use a finite plane defined in a certain range to cut the three-dimensional model to form a fluctuating river surface, and then dynamically determine the river.

In, the green part is the three-dimensional geological part constructed by discrete points, while the blue part is the river part formed.


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