Dynamic Web Design a cacheable Dynamic Web page design in PHP squid

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Of course, the premise is to open the CDN in a function reload_into_ims on. So the user sends over No-cache also not afraid of. Because this will give No-cache to If-modified-since. So we write the program is mainly to If-modified-since control. Remember, the cache system architecture in the best is the back-end to control, so the best way is the program to manage the expiration. Oh, I can only PHP, write one in PHP, other programs are the same
See me under the program, hehe, 5 minutes expired.
$headers = Apache_request_headers ();
$client _time = (isset ($headers [' if-modified-since '])? Strtotime ($headers [' if-modified-since ']): 0);
$now =gmmktime ();
$now _list=gmmktime () -60*5;
if ($client _time< $now and $client _time > $now _list) {
Header (' last-modified: '. Gmdate (' d, D M Y h:i:s ', $client _time). ' GMT ', true, 304);
Exit (0);
Header (' last-modified: '. Gmdate (' d, D M Y h:i:s ', $now). ' GMT ', true, 200);

The above describes the Dynamic web design PHP squid can be cached Dynamic Web page design, including dynamic web design aspects of the content, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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