e-Book C + + Primer Plus (6th edition Chinese version). pdf

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C + + is a programming language developed on the basis of C language, which integrates object-oriented programming, general programming and traditional procedural programming, which is a superset of C language. The C + + Primer Plus (6th edition) (Chinese version) was written in accordance with the 2003 Iso/ansi C + + standard. The basic concepts and techniques of C + + are elaborated in detail in a large number of short and short programs.

The book is divided into 18 chapters and 10 appendices, respectively, describes the operation of C + + programs, basic data types, composite data types, loops and relational expressions, branching and logical operators, function overloading and function templates, memory models and namespaces, class design and use, polymorphism, virtual functions, dynamic memory allocation, inheritance, Code reuse, friends, exception handling techniques, string classes and Standard template libraries, input/output, and more. This book for C + + beginners, starting from the basic knowledge of C language, and then on this basis to elaborate on the new features of C + +, so the reader does not require more C language background knowledge. This book can be used as a textbook for C + + courses in higher education, and also for beginners to learn C + +.

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ebook C + + Primer Plus (6th edition Chinese version). pdf free Download

e-Book C + + Primer Plus (6th edition Chinese version). pdf

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