E-commerce on your fingertips---(one) Windows platform deployment Solrcloud

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Solrcloud is a distributed solution that is based on zookeeper and SOLR and can be simply understood as a cluster that can provide distributed queries. Distributed Write Index.

The structure of Solrcloud is roughly this, and a solrcloud contains multiple shared nodes. A shared containing SOLR node. There is one leader Solr node in each of the GKFX. Multiple replica nodes.

The content of each SOLR node is the same.

let's see how to deploy Solrcloud on the Windows platform.

Need to download the next program. Detailed installation configuration can be in the previous sections of the tutorial

Tomcat 8.0 Remember that the installation version number is assumed. The installation version number is not catalina.bat for this file

SOLR 4.8

Here we demonstrate a stand-alone deployment. Zookeeper and SOLR are deployed on the same server.

1. Configure Solr.xml

Locate the Solr.xml configuration file in the D:\SERVER\SOLR directory, including the following nodes

<solr><cores leadervotewait= "${leadervotewait:15000}" hostcontext= "${hostcontext:}" hostPort= "8040" host= "${host:}" defaultcorename= "Deals" adminpath= "/admin/cores" ><core instancedir= "Collection1" Name= " Collection1 "/></cores></solr>

Hostcontext: Specify the service name
Hostport: Specify port
Leadervotewait: Election leader wait time ms

2. Configuring Tomcat Parameters

In the Start menu, locate Monitor tomcat, open and switch to the Java tab, in the Java options Add for example the following configuration of the parameters



For example, the following interface

Restart Tomcat and open the address http://localhost:8040/solr/#/~cloud to see the effect.

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E-commerce on your fingertips---(one) Windows platform deployment Solrcloud

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